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Your marketplace to buy and sell handicrafts.
diy agate crafts decorations

Your marketplace to buy and sell handicrafts. diy agate crafts decorations

Driftwood polished agate and copper wire air diy agate crafts decorations

Agates and geodes are a hot trend in decoration today, and imitated or natural, they are used everywhere from accessories to wedding decorations because their natural beauty and delightful variety of patterns simply impress everyone. If you want to be on trend we have some amazing agate inspired DIYs that will keep your home in style and still not break the budget, especially if you choose to make art agate items.

Extend the life of your Christmas decorations with ornaments that you can keep away all year round! Personalize the natural agate slices with phrases, constellations or tiny sketches. Use them as a gift tag or give them yourself as a present.

One of the things I love about nature is the unique designs and patterns it creates. From the cuts and holes of the monstera leaves to the color combination of the peacock tail feathers, there are unlimited possibilities for inspiration. This project will teach you how to create an agate pattern for a regular clock and create a unique piece.

These agate napkin rings are perfect for any holiday table or just for a fancy Friday evening! You could even set them up for a romantic Valentine's Day table for your special person. They will take a lot of time or effort, but they will look fantastic.

We've shared many coasters do-it-yourselfers, but these are super nifty and chic! They are made of agate slices decorated with a gold leaf pen and look heavenly. I actually fall in love with her and I am sure you will too.

DIY faux agate slice coasters are super easy to create. They make for a beautiful table setting and you can be proud of the fact that you made them yourself. These are made of air-dry clay so that the budget is not exceeded.

Agate slices come in all sorts of colors, shapes, and sizes and they are so pretty! Add a nice color to your walls with this easy to hang wall made of agate slices.

Agate slices can even be used to make an adorable wreath. Believe me, you won't regret it! I have never seen a more whimsical and beautiful decoration for a season or a holiday. Pay attention to this tutorial!

An agate night light? Yes please, it's so nifty! This consists of a real agate slice, which is decorated with a gold leaf pen and attached to a light. Let yourself be inspired and make your room exquisite!

Make stunning agate-inspired coasters out of polymer clay for next to nothing! No break in budget and you can get all the colors and shades you want.

These DIY agate magnets are a great example of a cool and easy craft for your home: the DIY instructions stick a magnet on a pretty rock and add gold to it, voila!

This DIY agate really is a super easy art project, but the secret is in the supplies. Decorate your room with these adorable agates and make it stunning and thoughtful, that is luxury!

These stunning large agate coasters make me want the same thing! They were gilded with a gold leaf pen and then just a few cork dents were added. Read the entire tutorial and get inspired!

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