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Wooden flag
diy cord covers

Wooden flag diy cord covers

Obviously, you could do a much better job of completing the hanging string. One letter per panel. Etc. #GardenArt diy cord covers

Hiding cables is what we all strive for: it makes your home much neater and organized, but sometimes you can't hide them at all. How can you freshen up a line that you can't hide? There's an easy way to do this - just wrap or cover your cord with something! Here are some quick DIYs you can do in minutes, enjoy!

Imagine you've bought a stylish lamp that perfectly complements your home decor, and there is one downside: an ugly cord that spoils everything! Buy a brightly colored suede cord - choose a contrasting color to make it stand out or stone neutrals to blend in with the interior. Here the author opted for red suede to make a fun cord cover. Let yourself be inspired and renovate your lamp cable too!

This tutorial is for those who like macrame and want to add a relaxed and boho-chic feel to the room. Take your usual string and spruce it up with some macrame - prefer bold hues to highlight the weave pattern. Read the tutorial to find out how to macrame this cable cover and make your lamp more stylish.

This cable cover is a very simple and quick idea: it's a common red string that covers the ugly string. It takes a while to wrap up: the writer did hers over the course of a week or so in the evening while watching movies or watching TV shows. When you need to take a break, just pinch the string and string to keep your space and prevent it from coming undone. So smart and so cool!

If you're not in the mood for weaving or macrame, try another idea: cover your ugly string with burlap! Such an open weave burlap feels more casual and can work with more styles than the usual farm / country burlap is known for. Covering the cord with burlap is extremely easy and quick - no special skills are required!

This cable cover DIY can really be used on any cable! Not just wall lights or lighting. While it is a super easy DIY cable cover, it is very stylish and will beautify your lamp. To cover the cords on different wall lamps, vary the pattern with different colors of thread. If you want to do this, just cut a color of thread and tie your new color of thread and continue looping.

Sometimes an ugly string does not make the room decoration harmonious and attracts too much attention. To avoid this, you can cover this string with a fabric that goes with your room decor. You can do this with burlap, colored fabric, patterned fabric and so much more, and you can do this with lamps and any light, chandelier, any light with a visible cord or chain. Read the tutorial to find out how to make this non-sewing cable cover!

I don't know about you, but I hate to see strings, especially those ugly ones! Even if you do your best to get them all out of sight, there is no way you can hide them. Make them beautiful! You can use this DIY tutorial on lamp cords, TV cords, extension cords, computer cords, and even phone chargers. Just put on a film and get started! In this simple tutorial, we'll teach you how to cover the string with colorful yarn in a stylish way.

This tutorial is fantastic for those who have a shabby chic or vintage interior - such floral fabrics and ruffles will add an even nicer look to your space! Read how to make this piece without sewing and enjoy!

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