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wood slice christmas decorations

wood slice christmas decorations

We continue to inspire you to decorate your room in a rustic / peasant style. Today’s summary is dedicated to the Christmas decorations in wooden discs. Wood discs are a perfect material to use to make some ornaments – just turn on your creativity and make your own decoration! Let’s take a look at what you can do.

Wooden disc Christmas ornaments

Go for cool and light wood slice Christmas decorations! You can have a normal or vibrant edge for a more rustic feel, and you can paint, burn, glue, or decorate it in just about any way you can! You can paint different pictures and letters, you can add some stickers, you can burn some words out of wood, or even do some string art. Invite your kids to make some wood disc ornaments using tutorials from all over the internet and have fun!

Wooden disc Christmas decorations

What else can you make out of wooden discs? First of all, garlands! Decorate as many wooden discs as you need and secure them to a ribbon or string for a cool decoration. Second, you can make a cool Christmas wreath out of wooden slices – they can also be left decorated or undecorated as you wish. Not only can you opt for a round wreath, but also a catchy shape like a snowman or snowflake. Third, you can make characters – the idea is almost the same as ornaments, but they are usually larger. Use all kinds of glitter and colors to make a perfect decoration!

The outdoor season is not yet open in some places, it never ends in others, but as spring is approaching, we will all strive for as much sunshine and fresh air as possible, which means spending lots of time outdoors. It is high time to understand if your exteriors, backyards, patios, patios, patios and other areas are ready for a new season. If you already have an outdoor bathroom or are planning to build one, this round-up will help you understand what the main building is and what problems arise and what things you really need. Immerse yourself!


A bathroom is a place where you want to feel comfortable and at ease, which for most of us means complete privacy. Setting up your bathroom in a private courtyard, which is walled on all sides, is the best idea for complete privacy. However, there is one downside: you may be missing the view that we often make these bathrooms for. If it's not your thing, you can try rocking walls or screens that are not very high to remove them when no one is around, and such screens can be built by yourself. Half walls are a solution too, at least for some backyards, but still have something like a screen handy. No time to build something? Add curtains around your tub and voila - you will feel private and safe!


For me a bathroom is a haven where you can forget all burdens and relax after a long day. An outdoor bathroom is similar and maybe a lot more, which means you need to create a mood and ambience to be ready to spend time there. Of course it's the same for you. The outdoor bathroom setup and the style of your space are important. Choose what inspires you: minimalist, contemporary, gypsy, boho, vintage, art deco or others. Whichever style you choose to add a spa feel to your outdoor space, you can put some pebbles on the floor, install a wooden deck or tile over or with them. Potted greens enliven any outdoor bathroom, and it's especially important when there's no green growing nearby. This decoration function makes you feel more like being outdoors. Light is the final point, and if you light your space properly it becomes almost magical! Use fairy lights, floor lamps, and of course candles and candle lanterns to complete the look of the room. Be inspired by the ideas we have gathered.

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