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winter string art ideas

winter string art ideas

String art is very popular today, and more and more DIYs are appearing. You can make your own or buy one for any time of year and vacation you like. Today we’re sharing some string art ideas for winter and Christmas. Most of these are pretty easy to make and don’t require a lot of skill or additional instruction, so you can easily create them after one look. Let’s start.

Winter String Art Pieces

Make some cool winter string artwork to give your home a winter feel. It can be a pretty snowflake in white or silver, or a Christmas tree in white on a blackboard sign, or maybe a funny snowman – such a work of art is suitable for both adults and children. Go for neutral colors or white to feel the winter spirit.

Christmas String Art Pieces

Christmas art ideas are endless! Christmas trees of all colors, with lights inside and out, Christmas decorations, candy canes, gifts, deer heads, Santa hats and maybe even a truck with a Christmas tree for a fun feel. Rock emerald, red and white as a traditional Christmas color scheme that will add color and joy to your space.

Your home starts at your entrance, which means if you want holiday decorations, this is where you should start. Since Christmas is the most recent holiday, it's high time to take a look at how to make your entrance area inviting, inviting and cozy. Here are some tips and nice ideas to help you choose a cool decor for your entrance area.


Pick a color scheme for your holiday decorations - this will make it easier to keep your home looking consistent and to choose the right decorations. Traditional red and green are timeless and always work, but there are a lot more ideas out there than that - neutrals, monochromatic gray and white, gold and red, white and red, etc. - it all depends on the look and feel you want to create. Incorporate Buffalo Check and Plaid to make your entrance area cozy - these are traditional ones for winter vacation.

Natural decor

When you have some space, place a Christmas tree - an ordinary or a table tree, or even several trees - this way you will turn your entrance into a winter wonderland. When space is tight, go for evergreen garlands and wreaths, twigs and pine cones, wooden discs, and anything else you can room for! Hang evergreen garlands and wreaths outside and inside, add pine cones and put firewood in buckets or baskets - natural decor is always very cozy and warm.

Different decor

Now we need a little more decor to create an ambience - decor is always necessary, even if the space is small. Put some blankets and pillows on a bench if you have them, take candle lanterns or candle holders, or just make it easier and hang up a few lights. Hang up stockings, ornaments, bells and bouquets made from evergreen plants and ornaments, put on pretty signs and works of art to create a mood - use anything that makes you feel like you are on vacation. Merry Christmas!

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