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moroccan home decor diys

Winter outfits ideas for women 2020 – strickendesign.com moroccan home decor diys

Bohemian home decor and interior design ideas moroccan home decor diys

The boho chic style is very popular for home decor right now and includes not only boho decor but also gypsy and Moroccan accents to make it look even wilder and more relaxed. If you're interested in your interior, it's high time you added Moroccan accents here and there, and I've rounded up the coolest DIYs to help you out! These Moroccan home improvement home improvement will add a boho feel to your home.

Undeniably, there has been a lot of excitement about Arabic fabrics in recent years. It seems like we're easily obsessed with draping every surface of our homes with the carpets, pillows, blankets, table runners from Beni Ouarain, and anything else we can find with fluffy ends and zigzag lines. Here is a mini version of Moroccan rugs for hot drinks or plants, and it is a very easy way to make Moroccan coasters from unsewn fabric. Your drink will die to rest on! The best part about this DIY is how easy they are to do. Even if you have a crazy number of coasters at home that are suitable for different occasions, these are especially noticeable.

Moroccan wedding blankets have been on the design scene for a number of years and are becoming more mainstream with offerings from West Elm, Urban Outfitters and Pottery Barn. This beautiful pillow was only $ 29 for all fabrics and trimmings. Most of the fun with this project was placing the lines of alternating fringes, sequins, and mohair. Add a touch of Moroccan charm to your home!

What are Moroccan blankets you ask? Moroccan wedding blankets are beautiful hand-woven blankets made by the Berber tribes in Morocco. Culturally made them in anticipation of a wedding (surprise surprise) from the bride's family. As a true love work, several hundred sparkling sequins are attached to the woven blanket in hours and hours of work. This is a beautiful Moroccan wedding blanket made from an IKEA gurli - one of the coolest IKEA hacks you can imagine! Get ready folks, this DIY is not for the faint of heart! While it's pretty simple (with a great result), it's time consuming.

If you have a moody or overly neutral garden and want to spice it up a bit, this is a tutorial for you. This painted Moroccan inspired wooden pallet planter will brighten it up and add color. To recreate that Moroccan tile look, you need to paint a wooden pallet with a Moroccan stencil. Then add plant pots to create a bright, summery walled planter. The planter made of sturdy pallet wood should hopefully last a few years!

This craft is a continuation of the previous one as they are bright Moroccan planters! If you don't have a pallet plant stand, then you can go for very catchy and bold Moroccan style planters that are easily made from Moroccan tiles and super glue. All the plants will look amazing in them!

Moroccan style stools, mostly made of leather, are very popular for decorations, not only for boho chic, but also for various other spaces. These cool pieces can be a little expensive. So when you're ready to craft, do one yourself! This tutorial will teach you how to easily do it and enjoy the result.

What kind of Moroccan or Boho room without lanterns? You can create cool candle holders with traditional Moroccan patterns when you're not ready to make lanterns and this craft won't take much time. You need a paper cutter and some cardboard and of course the instructions. Read on to learn how to make these cool pieces and spice up your home by candlelight!

Boho spaces are usually spiced up with brightly printed pillows, and you can easily incorporate a traditional Moroccan pattern into the decor. This tutorial will teach you how to make simple pillows and then stencil them with a pattern. The possibilities with stencils are endless and you can add as many pillows as you want. Get inspired!

More stylish Moroccan coasters are welcome! These cute pieces are made from tile and have a cool Moroccan pattern. The back is made of cork, which makes them more comfortable and functional. These coasters glow in the dim light of a girls' night, complete with wine and nail polish! If you want more ideas, skip Moroccan patterns and go for others.

This beautiful table runner is inspired by Moroccan wedding blankets and looks beautiful. It has fringes and sequins, but the author added extra embellishments that she liked and used gold to match the look of the table. The wedding blankets usually use silver sequins, but you can add your personal touch with any color. The craft is very simple and you won't spend a lot of time on it. Enjoy!

The DIY Moroccan wood artwork is a great piece to add chic to your boho space, and you can customize it to suit your own color palette. The author turned an old door into a beautifully painted Moroccan wooden work of art. The beautiful appearance of the artwork makes your space look really wild!

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