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wine bottle centerpieces

wine bottle centerpieces

Wine bottles are almost an endless source of inspiration for crafting, you can make tons and tons of things out of them. Today I want to share some great ideas for wine bottle centerpieces for every occasion and season. We don’t give you tutorials as most of them are extremely easy to create yourself and you don’t need any instructions to do so.


Above all, wine bottles are ideal vases. So the centerpiece can be a vase with fresh flowers or lots of green or just twigs, but how do you decorate it? First, consider the theme and style of your event, whether it’s a wedding, a party or something else. Find out what paints and materials to use to stick to the theme and colors and start crafting. Paint the bottles in different colors, chalkboard paint or glitter, wrap them with burlap or string or both, let them dry if necessary and use them as vases. Put your bottles on a tray on the table, add candles, fresh flowers and voila! You can also decorate your bottles with garlands or monograms, it’s up to you.

Other ideas

Another idea is to use wine bottles as candle holders and with LEDs. You can stick candles straight into the bottles or cut them and use them as cloches and cover some candles. Or, grab some LED lights and stick them in the bottles to create unique lanterns. Such lanterns look very festive and inspiring for the winter holidays.

Mother's Day is approaching and everyone is wondering what to buy or make for their mothers, which flowers to buy, and so on. Whether you're a mom looking forward to seeing her kids visit on this day, or a kid who wants to spoil their mom with something, this roundup is for you - these are amazing DIY cakes for the day. We have put together recipes for every taste, read on!

This cake is dairy and egg free with a gluten free alternative. Fluffy, moist and tasty, this is the perfect cake for vegans and non-vegans! This cake uses natural sugar as opposed to coconut sugar or maple syrup, which gives it that fluffy texture. Since syrups are a little heavier, eggs are used to help create the cake and hold the overly moist cake together.

Moist and fluffy coconut cake is topped with desiccated coconut, filled and covered with a luscious coconut frosting made from coconut milk and decorated with both roasted coconut and sweetened coconut. The cake itself is moist and fluffy and has loads of coconut flavor and coconut pulp. The frosting is smooth and creamy and is made with thick coconut cream and flavored with coconut water.

This cream cheese pound cake recipe is truly a Mediterranean dessert classic that never goes out of style. Passed on from generation to generation, its fantastic taste will always be a hit!

This Thermomix rose pistachio cake is a true masterpiece for Mother's Day. It's a simple recipe and has the perfect balance of Persian flavors. Make your mom cry on this mothers day with this truly amazing Thermomix rose pistachio cake. It has a subtle touch of rose and a gold fluffy pistachio sponge. The perfect combination of Persian flavors to make Mother's Day a memorable one.

This is a really impressive cake! It tastes so great because it's a dark chocolate mud cake that is dense, rich and one of the easiest layered cakes. Why? Since mud cakes rise evenly and do not crumble much, they are easy to frost.

This cake uses wholemeal white flour, Greek yogurt, olive oil and is topped with an amazing coconut whipped cream, fresh berries, chopped almonds and a dash of honey. What is there not to love? Your mother will be excited!

Triple Chocolate Mousse Cake is the perfect recipe for a light dessert. It consists of a chocolate cake base, a cool, creamy mousse filling, and a rich ganache made from dark chocolate. Serve the cake with fresh berries for a special treat that is perfect for your special occasion.

This chocolate cream cheese cake consists of 3 layers of sponge cake topped with delicious syrup, followed by melted dark chocolate, creamy cream cheese frosting and topped with dark chocolate chips and sliced ​​strawberries. This chocolate cake recipe is a perfect way to celebrate upcoming Mother's Day, birthday party, family reunion, or wonderful things in life like coffee with your best friend.

Crepes are a type of thin pancake, super easy to make and you can add any filling to make a delicious dessert. Crepe cakes are therefore a variation of this popular French treat, where you stack a few crepes and fill them with cream, jam or chocolate spread of your choice. This one isn't a casserole, so after making some crepes it's easy to put them together into a cake.

Doesn't it look great ?! Isn't it any less boring than whistling Happy Mother's Day to your cake? I loved it. It's so easy to do. And the fact that you can write or draw whatever you want is really inspiring. Just add any type of cake and even the most artless cake will become a unique masterpiece.

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