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window office windowsill desks

window office windowsill desks

windowsill desks

The problem of lack of space can be solved in many different ways: with space-saving decor and functional furniture and with every inch of space. Window sills shouldn't be wasted, and today I share a great idea - turn your windowsill into a comfortable desk!

Small window sills

Find a suitable window sill in any room - living room, bedroom, or dining area; A good idea is to use a balcony window sill if you have a balcony. Even if your windowsill is small or very narrow - no problem, the main idea is that it should hold a laptop or a book. Add shelves on the sides to create more space. Take built-in and open shelves. If the windowsill is thick, add some drawers for storage.

Larger window sills

If your windowsill is big enough, you're in luck! Regardless of the room, you can create a large and comfortable work area that can even be shared. Take a thick window sill to accommodate the drawers. Add open storage, open shelves and voila - your work is convenient! Such an idea is also great for small children's rooms. Your child can study at a windowsill desk when there is no other space.

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