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window kitchen backsplashes

window kitchen backsplashes

If you have breathtaking views of your home and you want to enjoy most of them, why not rock a new and unique decor feature that is on trend today? Backsplashes in the window kitchen enliven your space and provide a beautiful view. What can be more beautiful than nature? All you have to do is make a long and narrow window that mimics your backsplash – and that’s it! Glass is pretty easy to care for, just make it thick so as not to break. The view between the cabinets will look amazing and absolutely unique.

Skylights and window backsplashes

Combine skylights and window backsplashes for a more noticeable look. If you opt for horizontal skylights that repeat the backsplash lines, things get even cooler. You will flood the room with light and your kitchen will be stunning. Another important feature of window backsplashes is that you feel like you’re outdoors. This is especially good if you don’t have an outdoor dining area.

Window backsplashes

Rock a minimalist or modern kitchen with a window backsplash, and the greens and flowers outside contrast with white or creamy cabinetry. Add windows if you can, and they can also be foldable to further connect the kitchen with the outdoors.

The Christmas season is not that far yet, most of us will decorate our Christmas trees beforehand to create this unique atmosphere and mood. Everyone thinks about decoration and ornaments, but do not forget to hide the tree base itself, which is often ugly. A tree skirt might help, but what if it doesn't go with your style? Make a box or a box! Here are some DIYs to try out.

This tutorial is pretty simple but requires very special assembly. If you are interested in making these for outdoor use, remember to use outdoor wood. You can also use these for potted plants (just slide the pot in) or other artificial topiaries. You can also add small rollers to the legs to make them move easily. I love the bold traditional Christmas red color, but if you don't like it, go for something different.

A tree box is great as it lets the tree sit a little higher and better hides our unattractive booth. If you are in the mood for a rustic look, this is an ideal box for you: it looks weathered, is placed on rollers and adorned with a cute snowflake. As a practical matter, it can be very helpful to have the tree on wheels when decorating so you can roll it off the wall for easy decorating on all sides. Read the tutorial and do the piece!

If you have babies who love to run around the tree and grab it, a tree skirt isn't the best idea for you. Imagine a tree crate that will make your tree much more stable. This tutorial will help you create one. You can hide your Christmas tree base with a gift - give it a try! The idea is simple: it's a box of wrapping paper, so cool!

This is a cool Christmas tree crate for rustic rooms with multiple sides and a hole. This means you can put the tree in or stand on top to make it taller (great for small trees). The box looks totally rustic, it's a cool piece of wood that's stained with a dark stain. Enjoy the stylish rustic look!

This super stylish modern box is exactly what you need for Christmas! This box is black and features an amazing deer silhouette - so cool and so brave! You can opt for any color combination that will go with your Christmas tree decor. Here it is black and red. It won't be difficult to build. Just decorating can take some time. If you have a cricut machine or vinyl sticker, this is easier. This cute deer makes the box feel so cozy, wow!

Take wooden blocks and turn them into a useful toy block tree stand for the holidays! The idea is to build a plywood or wooden box and then paint it toy-style - frames and letters on each side. It looks super cute and super toy like, your kids will really love this idea!

What is the advantage of a mirror tree box? Mirrors reflect objects, mirrors hide objects from seeing, and they reflect light, which creates more. A mirror tree box is a brilliant idea as it really makes your tree stand hidden, reflects lights, and is unusual! Mirrors are great for glamorous or modern spaces. They make your tree very special. Read the tutorial and get inspired!

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