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wicker outdoor swing ideas

wicker outdoor swing ideas

We’ve talked a lot about hanging furniture – chairs, sofas and so on, but today I want to share an even more relaxing idea: a swing! It’s not just a normal kid’s swing, it’s an entire bench / sofa / love seat that works as a swing – can you think of something more relaxing? I have prepared some basket swings that are sure to invite your space and you will make an effort there every night after work – let’s get started!

Porch swings

A swing is usually hung on the porch to make it more welcoming and to sit there with a glass of wine if you want. It can be a natural-colored rattan swing with a cool shape that only offers space for two people – such a cozy love seat to spend time together! It could be a whitewashed resin rattan swing to go with a traditional or shabby-chic porch, or a dark wicker swing that stands out. Cover it with pillows and pillows of your choice – and a great porch is ready!

Bow swings

Another place to hang a swing is to do so in an arbor or arch if you have it in your yard. Cover the arch with grapevines and flowers, hang your swing and place a suitable pole on wheels next to it – and your ideal relaxation zone is ready! You can also hang one next to your pool to make relaxing more comfortable, or in a different location – a wicket swing will always find a way to your yard!

Shabby chic decor is very popular today because old days have their own charm. There are many ways in which various surfaces can be given age and shabby appearance: aging, weathering, whitewash, patina and rusty surfaces. Whitewashing means covering surfaces with white paint or chalk paint, which gives it a desperate and somewhat shabby look. Whitewashing isn't difficult at all, and you can get the look easily.

You can torture wood, clay, terracotta, and many other materials; You can give your floors, walls, or even a fireplace a whitewashed look for a shabby chic charm. Today we're going to see how to torture and whitewash various pots and planters to give your outdoor and indoor spaces a cool, rusty look. The easiest way is to use white acrylic paint and a brush. Mix about one part of paint with two parts of water in a cup. Brush over pot, if you think there is too much paint on the brush, just wipe it with a paper towel. Let dry for 1 hour. If you want a desperate look, after the paint has dried, use sandpaper and sand off some of the paint. Sand down more to make the pot even more desperate. After sanding, wipe the pot with a damp rag and then spray two coats of acrylic sealer on the pot, preferably a matte one. If it's a wooden planter it can be a little trickier: you can see lots of tiny bubbles as you brush the mixture onto the surface. Immediately after spreading, wipe the watery mixture with a paper towel before it can completely penetrate the wood. Keep doing this until you are happy with the way it looks. Read the tutorials below and choose the best one!

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