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Wicker bar cart from the 1960s
diy rattan wicker home accessories

Wicker bar cart from the 1960s diy rattan wicker home accessories

What a wild vintage piece this is! A certain conversation starter for your home. Perfect little helpers for your planters, coffee mugs, books, collectibles … the possibilities are endless! #Vintage #VintageHome #HomeDecor diy rattan wicker home accessories

We all strive for spring, or maybe summer and beach seasons, and when you add such details to your home decor, you can feel the sunshine inside. Rattan and wicker add texture and dimension and instantly bring them outdoors. They are ideal for modern boho, beach and mid-century interiors. We have already shared some wicker and rattan lampshades that you can make yourself and now we want to share some accessories for your home. These are planters, mirrors, candle holders, decorative baskets and even glass cuddles - get inspired!

Sunburst mirrors definitely have a moment and if you love rattan - furniture, accessories, name it! There are many beautiful rattan mirrors on the market right now, including many vintage beauties! They can cost a pretty penny, so get this DIY rattan sunburst mirror better for only $ 25! Read the tutorial and make such a mirror.

Here are some planters that will bring Caribbean roots and patio weather to your space as they are made from rattan! These DIY faux saddle rattan planters sit pretty on your desk or on your shelves with a touch of color and texture. Wanna make your own Read on for the tutorial!

Rattan plate holders can be turned into cool decorative plates with a little color. Get a painter's tape and some paint and go! If you make a symmetrical pattern, lift the tape up and use it again on the other side. Read the tutorial to find out how to make such patterns.

Have you ever used these woven rattan paper plate holders before? I bet you still have a pile in the back of a kitchen cabinet somewhere. Reuse them! The plates can be rotated as wall art, adding a nice dose of color and texture to a previously boring corner. This project is as cheap as it gets, especially if you already have the supplies.

This wall clock is a nice idea to give your room a boho feel! You can take a ready-made clock that you like, or make it yourself from a wooden circle and clockwork. The idea is to cover a wall clock with rattan - it's a very simple project that doesn't take much time. Read the tutorial and make the piece.

If you love bringing earthy elements into your home, this tutorial is for you. This is a project that you can complete in under 30 minutes and that requires few supplies. Take some simple glass candle holders and cover them with rattan - this is not difficult at all. Enjoy!

If you happen to have extra placemats lying around or steal one from your grandma, you may be able to turn it into this minimal wall clock! Add some warm, natural accents to your minimalist home and warm it up easily. Take a rattan placemat and turn it into a cool clock for your home. It's easy and cool! Read the project and be inspired!

You don't have to go beyond an Easter table - there are lots of simple decorations. In this tutorial, we will teach you how to make cool rattan napkin rings and egg holders to keep your Easter table looking chic yet casual. Whatever the occasion, whether it's a fancy dinner party or a weekday dinner with your Boo, you can bring more nature to your table by making your own rattan napkin rings in no time.

These baskets remind me of a modern take on a summer camp craft. It's a simple project anyone can do, but adding the yarn takes these simple Jane baskets and even old-school paper plate holders to a whole new level! You probably already have some of these baskets around your house, but if you don't, you can find tons of them in stores. All it takes is a bit of yarn and a little creativity and you have a stylish new piece of home decor.

Would you like to give your room an edgy beach feeling? These are so simple and have proven to be wonderful and super cheap. Why a plain glass when you can disguise it in a few simple steps? Such a simple addition to the glass makes quite an impression! It also prevents the glass from becoming slippery, which is very common here in the south, as the glasses sweat outside in the heat.

How do I turn a simple wicker basket into a stylish planter? The craft is pretty simple: you paint or spray the piece, then put a large polyethylene in it. Keep reading the tutorial in the source and make your own planter - this is a quick and easy craft.

If you have an old basket that you want to freshen up, here is an easy craft to do! This tutorial is all about spraying the basket with a washi tape - it's a pretty easy way to add a touch of color to the basket. Now you can use it for storing various things or just for home decor. Get inspired!

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