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watermelon home decor ideas

watermelon home decor ideas

watermelon home decor ideas

Summer is a fruit season, we eat them fresh, cook with them and even use them for indoor and outdoor decoration - I don't mean real fruits, but fruit prints and fruit-shaped objects. As for me, there is no more summery fruit than a watermelon and that's why today I am sharing the coolest ideas for using watermelon prints in decor.


Textiles and fabrics are one of the easiest ways to make your home look summery. Such a solution even fits in a rented room. It can be watermelon print bedding for a cheerful summer bedroom or a nursery - your kids will love it! Towels, napkins and tablecloths with watermelon print give your table landscapes and meals a summery cheer. Printed or watermelon-shaped pillows can be a nice addition to your summer house decor.


Add summer vibes with a watermelon clock - to your kitchen, dining room, living room or terrace. Let your watermelon alarm clock wake you up in the morning.


Wallpapers printed with watermelon are a great idea for any dining area. They make your space awesome. If you're renting, a nice idea is removable watermelon stickers that you can attach to any neutral wallpaper.

Other ideas

Some other ideas are watermelon stools for indoors and outdoors - when summer is over, you can just hide them away. You can make colorful watermelon artwork or garlands. These are simple and easy crafts that don't require a lot of skill or money.

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