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Watermelon baby shower

 summer baby shower themes

Watermelon baby shower summer baby shower themes

Lindsey loves this baby shower idea summer baby shower themes

Summer is here! If you are planning a baby shower this summer and you don't know which theme to choose, we've put together the coolest and most popular summer baby shower themes for you - these are no pipe dreams! Such topics always work and suit different genders.

Beach and sea

The beach and sea are always up to date in the summer and you can use them as themes for your party. Some alternatives are mermaids and marine animals. The main colors are usually purple, blue, teal, and navy.


Food can also be chosen as the theme for your party! Citrus and tropical fruits are the best ideas for enjoying the season; Ice cream is always welcome, and not just in summer, and honey is a classic and gender-neutral. As for fruit, you can get light depending on the fruit you take. Ice cream parties are good in pastel colors, honey is usually made with yellow and neutral.

Other ideas

Some other themes can be tropics, summer garden, wildflowers, boho, rustic, flamingo and others. Pick a decor that suits your party theme and spice up the party accordingly. Enjoy!

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