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wall christmas trees

wall christmas trees

Some of us don’t have enough room for a big tree; Some of us would like an additional tree, for example for the entrance or a children’s room. So today I’m sharing the cutest ideas that don’t take up any space – I mean floor space. Wall Christmas trees are easy to make yourself and look very eye-catching. So let’s look at the most popular examples.

Lights trees

The most popular idea is to put Christmas lights on the wall in the shape of a tree. These can be lights of one or different colors, it can just be an outline or a zigzag, and you can leave it as it is or put some ornaments directly on the lights. The lights can have different shapes, such as stars, to look even more dreamy.


Wooden branches or sticks can make a beautiful and natural tree. Secure them together with jute or string and hang the whole piece on the wall. You can add some ornaments and lights too. If you live on the beach, take driftwood poles and decorate the tree with sea glass and seashells to celebrate Christmas on the beach.


Ornaments attached to the wall can form a tree by themselves without any additives. You can create a beautiful ombre tree or ornaments, a brightly colored or a tree out of felt Christmas ornaments for a cute, soft look. It can also be a nice craft for your kids because it’s not difficult to make.

Other ideas

Copper pipes, branches, washi tape with lights, ornaments or cards can be another cool idea for a wall hanging tree. Get inspired!

Chalkboards are very popular in decor as they allow you to leave messages, pictures, pictures and other things. They are interactive and create a dialogue. Blackboard is not only intended for classrooms or offices, you can find blackboard surfaces everywhere: in children's rooms, in hallways, very practical and easy-care blackboard back walls, clay pots and planters, entire walls to encourage children's creativity, and headboards leave each other messages of love. Blackboard walls in the kitchen and dining room allow you to leave a menu or shopping lists. In the bedroom, you can leave messages to your partner saying good morning. Blackboard tables inspire children's creativity and blackboard snack tables allow you to write the names of dishes right on them. Of course, you can buy all of these pieces of furniture or buy some blackboard paint and create your own personal decor. Another idea is to quickly do some chalkboard paint at home. This is budget friendly and you can make your own special hues and colors, not just classic black. There are several ways to mix blackboard colors. So read these tutorials to build some.

In the first tutorial you will learn how to make blackboard paint from plaster of paris, some water and acrylic paint, matte finish in any color. Read how to do it yourself.

Another recipe includes unsanded mortar and latex paint of each color. Make sure all of the grout is mixed in. Otherwise, the granules may be visible on the board. To make this classic black chalkboard, take black paint and mix it with white ceiling paint.

This tutorial describes the same main ingredients: powdered, unsanded tile grout and latex paint in any color you want. Proper surface preparation is important as it gives better results and painting can take longer. Thoroughly clean the surface to remove dirt or imperfections.

This project is dedicated to the production of brightly colored chalk paints. Take unsanded grout and acrylic paints of any shade. Stir the mortar into the paint until there are no more lumps. Make turquoise, red, coral, pink, green, blue and black chalk colors, have fun!

Plaster of paris mixed with latex paint can make perfect blackboard paint. Test your color on something to see if you are happy with the consistency. This mixture worked fine for me, but if it feels too thick just add some water or even paint.

Take unsanded grout and acrylic paints and stir them well. Decorate anything you want: furniture, planters, stones, cups, dishes and so on.

I absolutely love the shade of the blackboard paints made and used here, it's gray-blue, so pastel-colored and delicate! Mix grout with acrylic paints of the appropriate colors and voila, paint anything you want!

Unpolished mortar with a gray color will make your surface medium gray and cool to chalk. Read the full tutorial on how to make this type of paint.

This tray and glasses were covered with blackboard paint made of latex paints and grout. Mix them in the right proportions, and then finish whatever you like.

In this tutorial, you will learn how to make blackboard paint in any shade from pink to bright orange. Find out the entire tutorial.

These are basic recipes for making blackboard paint. We hope you will choose the best one for you and make some of them. Get inspired!

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