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Vodka Shooters by harrybg |  Head chef
halloween jello shot recipes

Vodka Shooters by harrybg | Head chef halloween jello shot recipes

Vodka Shooters (recipe with picture) by harrybg | Chefkoch.de halloween jello shot recipes

If you're having a great Halloween party this year, you'll love these ideas! Today we're sharing some Halloween-inspired jello shot recipes that will amaze your dessert table and make your guests happy. In addition, these recipes are very easy to implement - no special cooking skills are required! Let's see what can be done.

This recipe for glow-in-the-dark jello shots is a really cool addition to any party! Easy to make, these are loads of fun to watch and mighty tasty to boot. If you're wondering how to get glowing jelly shots in the dark, this recipe is for you.

Black Magic Jello Shots are a fun layered cocktail that is perfect for your Halloween party! Let's make a fun vodka jello shot for us that looks super cool and tastes super! Because parents should have fun too, even if they wait until after bed. These shots are layered for a magical effect and topped with a little black sugar for a little shine and a little more sweetness.

The recipe was originally for a black gum jelly dhot based on gum vodka, a touch of black sambuca liqueur. The recipe worked wonderfully, and it's fun to have lots of different colors of rubber balls, don't you think? The only caveat is to use a light hand with the liquors - you don't want to lose the delicate bazooka joe flavor of the gum vodka!

These cool and colorful multi-layered jello shots will steal the show at your Halloween party. Here you see grapes, melons, and peaches - yes, peaches not orange. The white is sweetened condensed milk and to make this juicy you can use vodka.

These little desserts couldn't be easier. The eyeballs are rubbery cupcake toppers. You should avoid any type of gum / sugar-eyeball situation as the moisture causes it to dissolve almost instantly. If you're not sure if your eyeballs are working, soak them in a cup of water for 30-40 minutes to see if they hold up before you even bother taking the jell-o shots.

When thinking of fun additions to the adult Halloween celebrations, it seems like a good time to make jellies with alcohol. These unsuspecting frog jelly shots are brought to ghostly life under black light! The quinine in the tonic water makes them glow with a perfect Halloween eeriness.

They are extra-large jello shots that are inspired by the witch brew. You can set the amount of alcohol to the desired fire breathing level. This recipe is set as a starting point so that the strength is minimal. If you want to add more alcohol, subtract that amount from the cold water.

Make these creepy zombie snacks for your undead partiers. They look like real brains, so scary! Garnish the plate with additional jams and use a toothpick to add red food coloring to the veins of the brain. This way, the shots will look more natural and scary.

Three ingredients, ten minutes to prepare and no Halloween treat ... these creepy jello cups are a fun, delicious dessert that combines gelatine and sweets into mini cups. Prepare for your kids / teenagers / adults party! Do not put gummy body parts candy in the hot dissolved gelatin, otherwise candy will melt. The desserts can be made 2 days in advance.

Treat your guests to this creepy gelatin dessert - perfect for Halloween. If it's a kids party skip rum and if it's an adult party there are different types of alcohol to try. These ghosts look nice and cute, they can be cut with cookie cutters.

Sweet corns are traditional for Halloween. Take these amazing jello shots: a creamy mix of orange jello and a sweetened condensed milk-based gelatin - so creamy and good!

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