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valentine bar tea cart decor

valentine bar tea cart decor

Whether you’re hosting a big galentine party or a dinner for just two, a bar or tea cart is a must either. How can you design your shopping cart to give it a vacation look? Here are a few ideas!

Blossoms will never go out of style and it is a brilliant idea to use to decorate your bar or tea trolley. The flowers can be pink, red, red, burgundy, pastel colors – any color associated with this holiday will do.

Bunting and garlands are welcome. This is a budget friendly and cool decorating idea that is readily available. Pompons, tassels, hearts, letters, flowers, paper balls, and other things can be used to make these decorations.

Some other ideas are tents, balloons, hearts, and of course, cool Valentine barware. Glasses, decanters, stirrers, plates and other things can also be made for the party itself. Get inspired!

When you have a small home, you often wonder where and how to store and accommodate everything. Space-saving solutions are your priority and making the most of every inch of space is the right thing to do. One of these solutions is to use your windowsill for storage, sitting, napping, cooking, or eating. Today we share cool day beds and seats on the windowsill. Let's take a look at these smart solutions.


If your windowsill is wide enough, you can easily use it as a comfortable seat. Such a seat can be used for reading, dreaming, social networking and many other things. If it's a dining area, use the windowsill as a bench and place the table next to it. Make the seat more comfortable by adding pillows, pillows and blankets.

Day beds

If you like to take a nap and enjoy the view, building a day bed on the windowsill is a good idea. Pad it, add pillows, pillows, blankets and anything else you need for a comfortable sleep. Your kids will love sleeping there, and if the window is big enough, you can use it for storage too.

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