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Vacation homes

 style halloween fireplace

Vacation homes style halloween fireplace

Cottages, Wolff Finnhaus Blockhaus Lisa 44-B Xl (5 x 4.22 m, wall thickness: 44 mm, Xl double door) Wolff Finn … style halloween fireplace

We're used to seeing Halloween-inspired mantels, but how do you decorate the fireplace yourself? Here are some ideas that may be useful to you and that you can steal for Halloween decor.

Pumpkin displays

Pumpkins are traditional for Fall and Halloween, and the coolest idea is to have a Halloween pumpkin display in the fireplace. Paint, carve, glitter, and make jack-o-lanterns - decorate the pumpkins however you wish, then set them in the fireplace. This could be lots of pumpkins or just one big one with candles and bows - the style of your fireplace is up to you and your party style.

Skeletons and skulls

Imitation human skeletons and skulls are great for display in the fireplace, whether it is a working one or a faux one. Add spider webs, pumpkins, candles and rock the same decor theme for the mantelpiece. You can also add silver candle holders for a nifty touch.

Other ideas

Another popular idea is artificial witch legs - add a cauldron, broom, pumpkins, spiders, and the like. In fact, you can create any ads that fit your party theme, such as: B. Ads with pumpkins, statues, spiders and cobwebs and many other elements - whatever you like for Halloween!

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