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Using IKEA Picture Ledges as bookcases in a child’s room
ikea ribba ledges hacks

Using IKEA Picture Ledges as bookcases in a child’s room ikea ribba ledges hacks

Comparison of bookshelves for children: IKEA got spice racks against IKEA ribba picture strips. Which is our favorite? Go to the blog post to find out! – about the cutest digs ikea ribba ledges hacks

This picture bar makes it easy to vary your favorite motifs as often as you want. The piece is available in different colors to match your home decor. Ribba bars can have many different functions, although showing photos and decorations is the most important. Simply attach moldings to the wall you want and attach whatever you want. This idea is perfect for kids rooms where they can keep their books or toys.

The same idea applies to storing storage spaces. Cut your moldings to your liking, attach them to the kitchen wall, and choose the space containers that are sized to fit the moldings. Voila!

Using Ribba molding in closets is a brilliant idea! There will be a place for all of your little things. Cut 12 small squares of mounting tape to install the BYGEL rods in the front under the RIBBA picture strips. Center the bars on the shelf and glue them in place. Then drill pilot holes with a 3/32 "bit for the # 8 x 1/2" wood screws. Assemble all the bars on the shelves. Open the clip rings and break the clips off, leaving only the rings. With pliers, you can easily close the S-hook around the ring so that the rings do not fall off when removing a scarf. Attach the shelves to the wall and have fun hanging your scarves through the rings.

Another cool way to use IKEA Ribba moldings is to turn them into a planter. It's ridiculously easy to install. Just find your bolts, drill 2 screws, add some moss and arrange your air plants on top.

Do you have a bike and no space to store it? Attach it to your wall with IKEA Ribba strips! Attach two RIBBA picture strips to the wall. To hold the bike in place, just use a nylon rope with a snap hook on one end so you can easily attach it to the eye. It works for every type of bike. The smaller the handlebar, the less space you need.

Christmas brings more reasons to use IKEA Ribba moldings! Make a super original wall-mounted Christmas tree out of ledges, display all of your decorations associated with this holiday and add a garland! After your vacation, you can still use this tree shape to store various things.

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