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unique boys beds

unique boys beds

Sometimes it is really difficult for your child to fall asleep, they don’t want to stay in bed. To encourage your child to stay there, you can design a really awesome sleeping zone. To make it unique, you need a creative bed, and today I want to share some really gorgeous boy beds so your sons will love to stay in bed.


We already told you that vehicles are one of the most popular boys’ beds of all time, and today I want to say precisely that vans look just amazing! If you and your kids are free spirited then go for an amazing classic VW car, it looks amazing! In addition, such a bed can be suitable for two children of different sexes. Another idea that is also suitable for multiple children of different sexes is a safari-themed room. A safari van or car can be a unique bed option that can accommodate up to two children.

Boats and ships

If you have a nursery by the sea, on the beach or in the pirate, you can build a cool boat or ship bed. Decorate it the way your child likes and it will promote many games in the area.


A tent or teepee bed is a great idea for kids who like to be outside and hiking. A tent looks unique and can create a private space, which is important when it comes to a communal space.

Other ideas

Other crazy ideas could be space-themed beds, such as those inspired by Star Wars or Star Track. A barn for a rustic room, a fire station or a fire truck. By the way, a barn is another great idea for a loft bed, as is a tent, which can provide private space.

Not only do butterflies add magical beauty to any garden, but they also encourage growth by pollinating flowers. You can attract more butterflies to your garden with these DIY butterfly feeders, which also double as attractive garden ornaments. Read to see them all? Let's start!

This DIY butterfly feeder is the perfect way to feed the butterflies that flock to your yard or to attract butterflies when you don't normally see them. It's so easy to make, and you can make one with supplies you already have in your kitchen. This feeder treats your butterflies like royalty here and they like to have a small snack on hand when they come by. Your butterflies are sure to feel special ... and may even tell their friends to visit you too!

Butterfly feeders are easy to make and kids will find it fun helping. Here are some options for your homemade dinner. Note: You can purchase plates, saucers, or other flat containers from a thrift store or in your own closet. However, don't use anything valuable as the feeder will be outdoors. It may not seem like a feast to you, but a decaying fruit dish is just the thing to attract butterflies to your yard. Depict their favorite foods and a source of water, and watch out for them from spring through fall.

Fresh water is essential for butterflies. Make this Weinkranz water feeder and draw useful pollinators into your yard. If you have space, hang it somewhere away from bird feeders and other busy bird houses. This piece becomes a favorite spot in the garden for many birds, butterflies, and chipmunks.

Here's a fun little project to do for your kids - make butterfly feeders in front of the children's room windows! Your children can peek out the window and the occasional glimpse of a butterfly. This project will actually work and help attract butterflies to the yard, but it was a simple craft and the kids enjoyed it. Ideally, you want to find a place that has herbs or flowers that may also attract butterflies.

Butterflies are magical beings that adorn us with their beauty. Their bright colors are a welcome addition to any garden. As with bees, they are essential pollinators. How do you pull them into your garden? There are many plants they love, but one easy way to attract butterflies to your garden is to make a butterfly feeder. If you really want to make her happy, you need plants that can cater to the needs of all stages of the butterfly's life. An easy way to create a butterfly sanctuary is to plant bright flowers that love full sun, add a flat rock to the garden for the butterflies to bask, and highlight a small shallow pan of water to drink. Go to the source to make your butterflies super happy!

When it comes to insects, you usually want to keep them as far from the house as possible. However, butterflies are the exception to this rule. The varied patterns and bright colors on the delicate wings are a pleasure for everyone in your household. As an added bonus, they will help pollinate your summer flower and vegetable gardens. How do you attract butterflies to your garden? Try these butterfly feeders that you can make yourself. Whether you're looking for educational summer crafts for kids or want to add a vibrant color to your garden, building a butterfly liner is the perfect project.

Here is a duo for your butterflies in one - a waterer and a feeder! Read how to make them, then fill them with water and some butterfly food. Be careful not to add too much sugar to the butterfly food mix. A higher concentration of sugar can dry out the butterflies. You can find more useful tips in the source!

This is a completely atypical butterfly feeder! It's a quick, easy, and budget-friendly bird feeder with delicious fruit! Don't forget that rotten fruit is preferable as butterflies usually eat them or nectar, and make a potion too! Read the instructions and beckon the beauty into the garden!

Butterflies are attracted to salt. It is an essential nutrient, especially for male butterflies. Help them and make a butterfly salt lick for your garden. Read the directions and do one quickly and easily. A bit of water to activate the salts and minerals in the sand was the last step.

Butterfly feeders are easy to make, look wonderful in your yard, and help the wildlife! This is decorative butterfly feeding that will add color and beauty to your garden, not only through its design, but also through colorful butterfly wings. Enjoy!

Here's how to make a DIY butterfly feeder that will blend in beautifully with any garden or flower bed. Records show that the numbers of butterflies, bees and other pollinators are decreasing, so they really need our help! This simple mason jar feeder, some string, and a piece of sponge will help attract these friendly insects into your yard and give them a place to refuel. It's a win-win situation!

Who doesn't want a garden full of buzzing bumblebees and beautiful butterflies? Like most insects, the butterfly is attracted to the colors and variety of flowers and plants. He loves sweets too, and a glass of sugar water can invite these lovely guests into your garden. Fill the glass with sugar water and hang the butterfly feeder in the garden!

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