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unicorn home decor ideas

unicorn home decor ideas

Unicorns are adorable! Whether you are a kid or just love all kinds of fantasy and magic creatures, unicorns are right which can add a cool and moody touch to your room. Here are some ideas for doing this in style.

Wall decoration

Beautify your walls with artificial unicorn heads! Faux taxidermy is very popular for decor now, and a unicorn head is a whimsy touch to your space. Try a unicorn shaped cork board – such a creative note board is a fun idea. Attach a unicorn silhouette to your wall and add stars or a rainbow to it. This is a great decorating idea for a kid’s room.


There are many unicorn-shaped table and wall lights. Choose what you like including the tents. They can be of all colors and shades with different shapes – choose what suits your space.

Other ideas

Unicorn head shaped pillows are a great idea for any room, there are ready-made pieces, and you can make some yourself too. Add a unicorn rug to your home – you can make such an item yourself. There are unicorn-shaped beds for kids’ rooms and other furniture, get inspired!

We've talked a lot about hanging furniture - chairs, sofas and so on, but today I want to share an even more relaxing idea: a swing! It's not just a normal kid's swing, it's an entire bench / sofa / love seat that works as a swing - can you think of something more relaxing? I have prepared some basket swings that are sure to invite your space and you will make an effort there every night after work - let's get started!

Porch swings

A swing is usually hung on the porch to make it more welcoming and to sit there with a glass of wine if you want. It can be a natural-colored rattan swing with a cool shape that only offers space for two people - such a cozy love seat to spend time together! It could be a whitewashed resin rattan swing to go with a traditional or shabby-chic porch, or a dark wicker swing that stands out. Cover it with pillows and pillows of your choice - and a great porch is ready!

Bow swings

Another place to hang a swing is to do so in an arbor or arch if you have it in your yard. Cover the arch with grapevines and flowers, hang your swing and place a suitable pole on wheels next to it - and your ideal relaxation zone is ready! You can also hang one next to your pool to make relaxing more comfortable, or in a different location - a wicket swing will always find a way to your yard!

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