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minimalist christmas decor ideas

Ultimate DIY minimalist christmas decor ideas

Do you want to keep your Christmas decorations beautiful, trendy and minimal? How about something new this holiday season? You might want to try the Scandinavian Christmas decorations. Scandinavian, also known as Nordic style, is a trendy and modern establishment that is mainly characterized by its cozy, rustic and minimalist style. It’s all about black and white, wood, pine leaf wreaths, rustic lanterns, pine cones, twigs and branches. You might also want the top 40 … minimalist christmas decor ideas

Minimalism is perhaps the most popular decor and even lifestyle trend right now, and it's all about keeping it simple, natural, and elegant. If you love this decor style and use it a lot in your home, you may want to keep the holiday decorations in the same way too. We've rounded up some minimalist Christmas decor ideas that might inspire you.

Minimalist Christmas trees

A Christmas tree is the main piece in every vacation space. To keep it minimalist, you can skip any type of decor by simply placing it in a pretty basket. Another idea is to just decorate it with lights. Such decor gives the tree a super natural look, and that's what minimalism is all about. If you want some ornaments, you can hang some black and white ornaments - these are traditional colors for a minimalist style. You can use various prints and pictures on it. Slim wood decorations and wooden beads give your tree a Nordic-minimalist look with a touch of rusticity, which is also very trendy for the time being.

Minimalist Christmas decoration

Take a look around now and think about what else you will be making minimalist and super stylish. When decorating a mantelpiece, it can be a green garland or an evergreen garland with some pine cones and candles - do not use glitter or anything like that. Hang up black and white gift boxes as creative wall decoration, make a centerpiece out of a white pot or a vase with evergreen plants, choose a stylish and minimal Christmas table landscape with predominantly natural decor and white porcelain and black placemats. There are many more ideas that you can steal. Check out the pictures below!

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