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ugly sweater party ideas

ugly sweater party ideas

The season of ugly sweater parties is on! If you’re throwing a party like this this year, you’ll likely be puzzling not only about your looks and outfits, but also your home decor and the goodies to be served. I would like to share some colorful ideas that are perfectly suited to this type of party.


I would recommend keeping your party in reds and greens, which are traditional Christmas colors, and maybe adding more colors: an ugly sweater party is fun and humorous, so don’t be afraid of bold and even a little silly decorations. Turn your door into an outfit, hang ugly sweater banners everywhere and cover beverage bottles with ugly sweaters. Add grinch decorations and make simple party cup wreaths because it’s a fun party. Make fun ugly sweater wreaths and just use doll sweaters to hang all over the place.


Stick to the same principle when choosing and preparing goodies: above all, they should be colorful and fun. Jellies in green and red, ugly sweater cookies, cupcakes and cakes, Grinch Oreos and all that stuff that looks fun to eat. Cover the bottles with an ugly sweater or suitable labels that show the idea.

No kid's birthday party is complete without a birthday number. If you are four years old and love dinosaurs, you really need a dinosaur number! This figure is a perfect decoration for a kids birthday party on the theme of dinosaurs or Jurassic Park. It will surely delight kids and look great in the photos. One of the pretty easy ways to make a festive number for a dinosaur party is to make it from scraps of plywood and paint it on. This plywood figure will turn out to be strong and durable in case you want to use it as a decoration for a kid's room in the future.

Video shows how to DIY dinosaur birthday number made out of plywood


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