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two tone kitchen designs

two tone kitchen designs

Since we are all staying home as much as possible, we need to look for ways to spend time (when you are not working from home). A home renovation is a good idea to keep you occupied, change what you’ve long wanted to change, and make your home a better place. If you spend a lot of time in the kitchen, if you cook a lot, if you gather there often and do other things, start the renovation. We’ve already shared some ideas about bug-friendly home renovations, and today’s roundup is all about getting them super trendy.

Two-tone kitchens are making a big comeback, this trend is everywhere right now and there are good reasons for it. First, two-tone cabinets make your kitchen look less formal, second, it is a creative combination of different, often contrasting colors, and third, you can easily integrate this trend into your kitchen decor yourself. How? Just paint the top or bottom cabinets! If you’re already feeling inspired, I’d be happy to share some ideas with you!

Two-tone kitchens with wooden cabinets

The hottest idea right now is to combine painted and wooden or MDF cabinets to add a slight natural touch to the kitchen – anything natural is extremely trendy. Wood and white or gray are a very timeless and neutral scheme, and most wood tones look good with these colors. But no matter if you don’t like them – wood looks amazing with almost any color you can choose! Get a chic look that spice up your closets with metallic accents.

Colored two-tone kitchens

If you love putting different colors next to each other, skip plywood, wood, and MDF and go straight to the colors you love. White and gray, black and white, navy and white, mint and turquoise, black and beige – anything you can think of exists and if not – then you can create it yourself! A tile floor and countertops are lovely elements to combine the two colors you used. You can also add wooden elements, metallic handles or knobs and get a super stylish space!

Summer is here and your porch isn't ready yet? Don't worry, take a look at our ideas and tips and I'm sure you'll find some cool options your porch can steal.

Color schemes

I think your porch style and decor will follow the style of your home and other outdoor spaces, but what colors do you prefer? A summer room is usually expected to be designed in light shades and of course this is the most obvious way to decorate it. Green, red, pink, yellow, purple and fuchsia will ensure that your room will be lively and spirited. Neutral colors are another cool color scheme that is calming and never goes out of style. Plus, you can add pops of color to it. As for dark hues, I would recommend staying away from them or just adding a few elements for more drama.


Choose furniture that fits your space in size and height and of course goes with the style you have chosen and which you like to use: love seats, hanging day beds, chairs, rockers, padded benches, hanging chairs and other items. It can be made of wood, wicker, or even metal for a more modern feel. Outfit the furniture with pillows and blankets to match the color scheme and add some prints. A coffee table or a side table can be a nice piece that fits.


The first thing you need to freshen up the porch with a summery feel is potted plants and flowers. They create a mood here and are also a perfect decoration. Bring some candle lanterns with citronella candles and any decor that suits your style and enjoy your stay here!

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