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tropical jungle nurseries

tropical jungle nurseries

If you expect to want to change your child’s existing kindergarten, we are here to inspire you as much as possible! Tropical and jungle kindergartens are fun and very popular topics. They can be modern, boho, neutral, vintage, rustic, and mixed with many other styles. How to properly pull off such a decor and create a right mood? Here are a few ideas.

Colors and prints

Once you’ve picked a style to use with tropical or jungle themes, it’s time to go for colors. Tropical rooms are usually quite bright and fun. So you can opt for a neutral space with bold furniture, toys, and artwork, or you can create a colorful statement wall to create an atmosphere. If you’re not into colorful and looking for a minimalist or modern tropical space, you can keep it more neutral and add muted tones, or go for black and white and spice it up with light hues.

Furniture and decor

Choose furniture that goes with the theme and colors, and I would say that rattan and wicker furniture are the best choices in such a case. If you don’t want it, you can opt for brightly colored furniture or keep everything neutral and add color by other means. Now take a look at the room and decide which decor to use. Gallery walls with pretty animal art are very popular for such spaces, and you can also hang macrame if it is a boho space, go for potted plants, which is a must for a jungle-themed room, and opt for lots of cute plush toys are shaped like jungle animals for your child to have fun.

If your bedroom is small but you like the look of room dividers, you can still use one there. Use it as a headboard. While this isn't a common way to use a room divider, it's still pretty cool and a very popular way to make a statement in your bedroom.

The headboards, which are screens, can be made from a variety of materials: wood, rattan, wicker, plywood, fabric, metal, etc. - this will depend on the style of your room and how it looks. The design is the same: first consider the style of the room and its colors, and then choose a pretty headboard. If it doesn't fit at all, you can restore, repaint, or re-upholstery to make it fit the space perfectly. Make it contrast and bold to add extra attention to the room or choose a matching headboard to complete the look of your bedroom. You will immediately receive a beautiful decorative element and a headboard. For more creative ideas, see Mirror Headboards and Artificial Chimney Headboards that we showed you earlier.

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