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Totally crazy about half-painted rooms
bold orange kitchen decor ideas

Totally crazy about half-painted rooms bold orange kitchen decor ideas

Art in the garage or in the utility room? You could happen to this area a couple of times a week (if not daily). Why shouldn’t you be made to smile? bold orange kitchen decor ideas

If you are a fan of bright colors, if you enjoy a cheerful or very sophisticated and chic decor that is ready to use out of the box, orange and its shades can be a great choice for your home. Light shades of orange are amazing for creating bold spaces and burnt orange is amazing for a very sophisticated interior. Today I want to share some ideas to incorporate these colors into kitchen decor. Let yourself be inspired!

First, decide which shades of orange you're going to attract: bright orange, orange to yellow, burnt orange, or even terracotta. They can be incorporated into many decoration styles. You need to understand how much color you are using and what mood you are trying to create. Terracotta and burnt orange work well in sophisticated spaces, while bright orange will literally add a happy feel to any kitchen. Do you use your shade of orange on the walls or do you prefer orange cabinets? You can create very interesting combinations with top orange and lower contrasting colored cabinets or just carry a single bright orange kitchen island with orange chairs or pendant lights.

Orange is not a very compatible color, but you can find a lot of interesting combinations besides combining it with neutral and white or black. Orange and gray, orange and dark green, mustard or bright yellow, even eggplant, blue green, navy and graphite gray - all these combinations are going to be super chic! Consider the style of your kitchen before choosing a suitable color scheme, or go bold and wild and rock out different colors, including bright oranges. Check out the ideas below and get inspired!

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