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This DVD Mosaic High Gloss Resin Tray makes a statement!
diy resin home decor crafts

This DVD Mosaic High Gloss Resin Tray makes a statement! diy resin home decor crafts

Use old DVDs as mosaic tiles and create a stunning piece of art sealed with Envirotex Lite High Gloss Resin Finish. Awesome Recycled / Repurposed Crafts DIY! via Resin Crafts Blog diy resin home decor crafts

Resin is a great material for crafting when you want something special: it's plain and allows you to see what's inside and makes it part of the decor. Resin is ideal for showcasing flowers, plants and artificial insects and the like for home decoration. Let's take a look at what craft can be made to make your home decor more interesting and perhaps more natural.


The first craft is suitable for those who love glamor: these are resin coasters with gold leaf flakes inside, which look cool and sparkling and are very convenient to use. The coasters are super cute and chic, they can spice up your home and add a glamorous feel, and can make a very nice gift for anyone who loves metallics. Read how to make them quick and go for this!

Retain the freshness of spring and summer to make these natural resin leaf coasters. You can use any leaves, here these are fern leaves. The neutral and seamless look of these coasters is very cool and they will easily remind you of summer and fresh plants. Let yourself be inspired and keep your summer memories!

If you love coffee, these coasters are for you. Using such a material for crafting is very difficult, and making a coaster does not seem real, but no - there is resin! The resin allows coffee beans to be inserted and a comfortable surface to place cups on. Read how to do that and get inspired to do something.

The main advantage of resin is that you can show what's in it without modification and keep it safe. Take nice paper or even old cards and place them in resin coasters to enjoy the memories or just the chic look. Make as many as you want and give them away too. This is a nice idea that is loved by a lot of people.

When deciding what to give a man as a gift, there is a simple and fun idea - these man cave coasters made from caves. Place the lids of the beer bottles in the resin and voila, use whatever pattern you want and also include transparent pieces for a cool look. Get inspired!

What else can be catchy in pure Harz? I have a brave idea! Show peacock feathers from their best side in resin coasters! Cut them any way you want and read the tutorial to find out how to make such coasters. They can be a bright and catchy piece or an amazing and bold gift for anyone.

Here's another glamorous idea: these are bright and colorful coasters with pearls. They're actually made of clay, but the resin is also necessary to show off the beads and make the coaster comfortable to use too. Use any beads you like and create different patterns if you want. The resin keeps them all in order.

Trays and dishes

The first tutorial I want to share here is a whole selection of trays and plates with amazing green decor. Of course the greens are preserved with resin, and I think this range is ideal for serving everything in the summer, nothing screams as summery as these dishes! Do them all with your favorite green and feel your home with natural charm.

This romantic tray is not only suitable for breakfast in summer. It is made with greens and petals that look like they have just been placed on the tray, which is achieved with resin on top. Create the arrangements you like and enjoy the summer spirit.


We've already told you about some adorable resin tables to buy for your home, and this tutorial is for those who don't want to buy them but are ready to craft. This wooden table is made of bright blue resin, which emphasizes the wood very well and catches the eye. Interested? Read the tutorial to create one.

Marble is very popular for decor and you don't have to pay a lot to get a marble table top. Make this resin table and create a bold marble top in blue, green, and aqua that will stand out in any room. The crafting will take some time, but it's absolutely amazing, get inspired!

Here is another amazing resin table that is easy to make yourself. The table is made of wood and has a large clear resin insert in the middle and looks like the latest designer piece. It will take some time, but it's worth it! Make a stylish statement in your home with this amazing table.

Other ideas

I'm totally in love with this paper weight or the tablecloth holder made of resin and autumn leaves. He looks so natural and cool! You can also do it with plants or flowers or both for comfortable dining outdoors even when it's quite windy. Make the piece big and heavy enough and decorate your table setting with such cuties.

These place cards are perhaps some of the most stylish I've seen. Made of clear resin and gold glitter, they feature monograms that match the names of the guests. You can also create a whole name using different letters. Get inspired!

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