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 wood slice decor ideas

This article is not available | Etsy wood slice decor ideas

25 Rustic Wood Tree Slice Wedding Decor by RusticWeddingSupply wood slice decor ideas

Autumn is not that far and it is high time to consider which cozy decorations are suitable for the cold season. Wood is one of the most popular materials for letting in some warmth and today I want to share some rustic inspired ideas that came true using wood washers.


First of all, you can make some furniture from slices of wood, it is easy to make and you will get a unique piece like no other. Wood slices are pretty easy to work with: all you have to do is cut the wood into slices, sand it a little, and then finish it to your liking. Wooden panels can be used as side tables, bedside tables, plant stands, hanging and wall shelves. Try regular or hairpin legs, or just stack large wooden slices on top of each other to get a table. If you want a hanging piece, make holes and use string for hanging. You can try multiple levels if you want.

Wall decorations and signs

Create a personalized rustic wall decoration with wooden discs: My favorite craft here are wooden disc panels, two of which make a statement in every room. You can leave the slices as they are just stained or color-blocked, or even create different patterns. Another idea is to take discs and use them as a canvas for painting birds or other stuff. Wooden discs are great for making various signs. Just paint or whiteboard something on it, then use chalk to write and draw.

Kitchen utensils and stands

Slices can be turned into coasters, chargers, cutting boards, trays, cupcake and cake stands, various holders and coasters, whatever you want. Color the disk, paint it, write something on it, or burn wood, the possibilities are endless. You can also use wooden discs to display centerpieces or just put candles on top of them.

Other ideas

Wood discs can be used for more arts and crafts, anything that comes to mind: boot racks, mirror frames, wooden magnets, vase and planter covers, cell phones for a kindergarten, and so on. Get inspired!

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