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 ideas to decorate walls with butterflies

This article is not available | Etsy ideas to decorate walls with butterflies

Pebble Art Blossoms Large This picture is large and it is a nice decoration for any home! This beautiful flower is made of marine stones. Above is a butterfly shell. Flowers has beautiful, elegant lines and decorate any room. Nice present for birthdays, ideas to decorate walls with butterflies

Butterflies can easily create a romantic mood in a room, they are usually associated with spring and summer and easily bring these feelings to the room. Nowadays, her picture can decorate almost any piece of decoration. Since the walls are usually the most visible area of ​​a room, we have put together a collection of ideas for you showing how you can decorate them with butterflies. There are many ways to do this, including using wallpapers, vinyl stickers, mirrors, etc. You can also use a group of butterflies or a single butterfly. If you want to add a gentle romance to your home, try decorating your walls with butterflies and you will not regret it.


Butterfly print wallpapers are a great idea to make your walls stand out. They can come in all colors and shades with prints of various sizes, etc. You can also use a single accent wall made with such a printed wallpaper to make a statement. Such wallpapers are great for girlish rooms, children's rooms and other romantic rooms.

3D wall decoration

3D paper butterflies are great for wall decoration - they create a unique effect. You can add a swirl effect to them or hang some blank frames and put 3D butterflies inside for a cool look. Rock bold colors on neutral walls or white on light and printed walls to enhance the effect.

Other ideas

There are many more easy or stronger ways to incorporate butterflies into home decor. Wall decals are exactly what you need for a slight accent - use removable ones to remove them once you're tired of those looks. Create a beautiful gallery wall with artificial butterflies, make wreaths with butterflies, create different works of art using tutorials from the internet, decorate your furniture and much more - get more ideas below!

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