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The mom-baby workout

 how to rock floor mirrors

The mom-baby workout how to rock floor mirrors

#alltheplants how to rock floor mirrors

A mirror is a piece that represents a win-win idea for many rooms: it is a functional piece that visually expands the room and gives it chic and glamor. Today I want to look at a very special decor: an oversized floor mirror.

Floor mirror in the bedrooms

A floor mirror is often placed in a bedroom because that is where you can get dressed, and this mirror is functional. Choose the frame of the mirror according to your interior: a shabby chic and whitewashed mirror will fit in a tropical, shabby or eclectic space. Frames made of natural wood or metal look timeless and go well with many interiors. Accentuate your mirror with a light garland to make it stand out even more.

Floor mirrors in entrances

An entrance is the first room your visitor sees inside. It should impress and welcome. Make a bold statement with a floor mirror in your entryway and it will also make the space look bigger, which is essential in an entryway that is usually small. You can try a carved wood frame or an exquisite vintage frame to make a bold statement. Add a glass console that won't prevent you from seeing all the details for an airy feel.

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