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The book – French By Design
diy ice buckets

The book – French By Design diy ice buckets

DIY | Flowery Ice Bucket – French By Design diy ice buckets

Ice buckets are a must have for any party, but they're especially a must-have now when the going gets hotter. If you don't have a proper ice bucket, it is high time to make one - a regular or even frozen ice bucket for those who want to spice up the party decor and make it special. Here are some tutorials for both types, get inspired!

Ice bucket

If you like confetti this chic and colorful bucket is for you. It consists of an acrylic bucket and confetti, of course. The tutorial is very simple and if you want, you can create a whole bar with such confetti items - glasses, shakers, decanters and much more. Follow the instructions in the source.

Abstract art is very popular and the cool thing is that you can do it yourself anytime. Make this colorful ice bucket with pink brush strokes, it is sure to catch the eye and spice up the room a little. Such a piece is especially cool for a girls party, bridal shower, or bachelorette. Enjoy!

This cute and convenient piece is made from a standard paint bucket! Take a paint bucket of your choice, which should be large enough to hold a bottle. Keep this in mind when choosing. Remove all paint - it is very important as best you can. The next step is stenciling - here the author made a kind of gold chevron. Read the entire tutorial on how to make this bucket.

This cute rustic ice bucket consists of two large wooden bowls. I bet you have a pair on hand in the kitchen. All you have to do is clip these two bowls together, paint them however you want, and add handles to make using the bucket more convenient. Here the author decided to add stripes to the bowls, but you can paint and stencil as you like.

If your guests are already arriving and you don't have an ice bucket, make a watermelon out of it that you may have on hand. The idea is pretty simple: cut out everything that's inside, wash it, and fill it with ice cubes. So simple and so summery, I need one for my summer party, and you?

Frozen buckets

What I like even more are frozen ice buckets that instantly spice up your party decor. If you are planning a party, you really need one. The first tutorial here is a beautiful ice bucket with leaves - choose artificial or real palm leaves to stick in a bucket and make it summery in style. Tropical leaves are very popular for summer decorations, great for parties. So use them on your bucket to make it look amazing.

This is a cool frozen ice bucket filled with citrus fruits, great for summer parties - what can scream summer more than citrus fruits? Take these brightly colored fruits - limes, grapefruits, or oranges, cut them into slices and mix them all together to really bring the frozen ice bucket to life. Refresh your drinks even more with such a bucket!

Such a beautiful ice bucket will become a beautiful centerpiece on a summer table. I totally love that it's red and yummy berries, flowers, fruits, it looks so wow! This frozen bucket is ideal for events like a wedding, bridal or baby shower or something similar - make it extra special.

Here's a very colorful and bold idea to make a bucket - do it with berries, citrus slices, and lots of green. These ice buckets are rather small, they have space for one bottle at a time and are shaped as larger bottles. They're great for winter vacation as they contain all of the winter vacation fruits and berries, but in fact, you can make them anytime.

In this tutorial, we will teach you how to make a beautiful frozen ice bucket for spring or summer as it is flowery. Rock large and colorful flowers like gerberas - they can be real or artificial if you don't have real ones on hand. Looks so cool, bright and refreshing and is great for girls parties.

Make this super colorful and fun frozen ice bucket out of artificial leaves. You can give the bucket an autumn look with fall shades like burgundy and gold, or a summer feel with neon colors. The tutorial is very simple and cool. So make your bucket and spruce up the bar with paint. Enjoy!

This is a very nifty and cool frozen ice bucket made from strawberries, eucalyptus, and flowers. Thanks to eucalyptus, the bucket looks very textured and cool, and I highly recommend doing a raw edge with eucalyptus to make it stand out. Add some food coloring to the water to make your bucket pink so it's perfect for a girls party. Have fun!

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