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thanksgiving veggie trays

thanksgiving veggie trays

There is no fall party and especially no Thanksgiving party without vegetables! These fall gifts are everywhere, and they’re super healthy and delicious. But to serve them at a party you need a creative idea to make them look cool and tasty. Here are some ideas you can steal to arrange a vegetable tray.

Fun veggie trays

If you are organizing a kids party or just want to make your party fun, create a fancy vegetable tray for it. The tray can be shaped as an owl, turkey, flower, funny face or any other shape you like that makes the platter look fun. Put dips in bowls and place them as eyes – your kids will have a lot of fun eating vegetables!

Other vegetarian trays

If you want a more traditional tray, design it to grab attention. In a chic way, put vegetables in a tray covered with some paper to make them look very fresh and add handmade bread to them. Dip in a pumpkin and place vegetables around it – what can be more symbolic of Thanksgiving? Use a cool wooden top or tray to make your food look amazing, or take a basket instead of a tray and don’t forget to add bowls of different types of dressing.

Crafting with washi tape is amazing - these are the easiest crafts ever, and they can be done in a few minutes and the result is cool! Today I want to share some DIYs of washi tape for Easter, they are all last minute and you will enjoy making them and most of them can be done with your kids.

As an alternative to candy and chocolate eggs, plastic eggs can be filled with a variety of toys for your children to use. Use washi tape to decorate the eggs, they will be fun, colorful and cute!

Carrots are loved by bunnies, so they are a symbol of Easter, and you can make some very cute carrots using standard orange spools of thread and washi tape. These carrots can be used as place card holders, favors, or children's toys.

My favorite part of Easter has to be the sudden abundance of bunnies wherever you look. Do you want more rabbit love? Make cool Easter Bunny Cards! They are made with washi tape and then just add some cute bunny tails for fun.

Decorating Easter eggs with washi tape instead of dying is much cleaner, faster - and you can create all kinds of really radical designs. It's super fast and anyone can do it, even children themselves! These geometric designs are very simple. Read the tutorial to create them.

Washi tape is everywhere and you can do a little tidbit project using this happily patterned tape. What kind of washi tape is that? It's basically a patterned tape that is used as regular tape and / or is used to decorate anything it can stick to.

If you need something to keep your boiled eggs from rolling across the table, try decorating paper holders with washi tape.

Do you want to know how to make an Easter egg decor? This decor takes about two seconds. So if you have some time, this might be a good idea. Grab all of your washi and organize them by color group. Choose three different ribbons within a color group. These look cool in clusters, so make lots of them!

This cool Easter egg artwork is the perfect art supply for kids (and adults). It comes in a range of gorgeous colors and patterns and it is extremely forgiving. Didn't you get it quite where you wanted it the first time? o Problem, just pull it up and start again - no must, no fuss.

These don't require dye, however - just get yourself eggs, washi tape, and scissors and head into town. Create any patterns you like and rock them! The instructions are self-explanatory. For more information, read the tutorial.

Here's a really simple technique for creating washi tape shapes - perfect for making your own greeting cards. With Easter just around the corner, it seemed like the perfect time to make Easter egg cards. Of course, you can use this technique to make a simple shape out of washi tape.

To welcome the season and / or Easter when you celebrate the day, here is a card that uses the popular Japanese washi tape. I absolutely love the pastel shades of the eggs, so spring-like! Get inspired!

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