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thanksgiving string art pieces

thanksgiving string art pieces

Thanksgiving is next month and you might be looking for decorating inspiration already. Here it is! Today I’m sharing cool string art pieces for this holiday and they are really cool and trendy as string art is one of the hottest DIY and decor trends out there right now.

Pumpkin string Art

Pumpkins are traditionally for fall, Halloween, and Thanksgiving, and of course, a Thanksgiving string piece of art is a great idea. The pumpkin can be made as a whole or just with outlines, it can be bold – orange and burnt orange, or neutral: creamy or white. Add a brightly colored stem and some green to make the piece look more natural, or cover the pumpkin with fake flowers or leaves and a string stem for a 3D look.

Words String Art

Another idea for Thanksgiving is to rock some words: “grateful,” “thank you,” “blessed”, “gather” and so on. You can rock different fall-inspired colors: orange, yellow, green, brown, and purple. The sign can be large or small depending on where you place it, adding colorful string art leaves and pumpkins. Do you want a cool funny touch? Take a cute truck with pumpkins – it’s a good idea even without words.

Each bedroom has an array of lamps. There are usually table lamps on bedside tables that are quite practical but look pretty bland. To decorate your bedroom more original, but to keep the practicality of bedside lamps, you can use hanging lamps. They are perfect for reading and look very elegant. We have put together a collection of such bedside lamps for you, which shows that each of them looks great. Enjoy!


Match your pendant lights to the style of the bedroom: if it's formal and refined, go for smoked or frosted glass and chic metallic accents. If it's rustic and casual, choose a fringed basket lampshade and so on. Glass lamps are timeless, they match most styles and colors, simple and classic pendant lights are also timeless. You can also try using mismatched pendant lights that will make your bedroom look quirkier.


If you want to add a bit of drama to a neutral space, choose a black lamp. If you want to go with this, go for pastel colors, neutral colors, and muted colors. Dark rooms can be lit with light or transparent glass lamps to make them more light-filled and less moody. Colorful lamps are always great for adding a bright spot to the room and keeping it cool, regardless of your color scheme. Get various fresh and bold pendant light ideas below!

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