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thanksgiving string art pieces

thanksgiving string art pieces

Thanksgiving is next month and you might be looking for decorating inspiration already. Here it is! Today I’m sharing cool string art pieces for this holiday and they are really cool and trendy as string art is one of the hottest DIY and decor trends out there right now.

Pumpkin string Art

Pumpkins are traditionally for fall, Halloween, and Thanksgiving, and of course, a Thanksgiving string piece of art is a great idea. The pumpkin can be made as a whole or just with outlines, it can be bold – orange and burnt orange, or neutral: creamy or white. Add a brightly colored stem and some green to make the piece look more natural, or cover the pumpkin with fake flowers or leaves and a string stem for a 3D look.

Words String Art

Another idea for Thanksgiving is to rock some words: “grateful,” “thank you,” “blessed”, “gather” and so on. You can rock different fall-inspired colors: orange, yellow, green, brown, and purple. The sign can be large or small depending on where you place it, adding colorful string art leaves and pumpkins. Do you want a cool funny touch? Take a cute truck with pumpkins – it’s a good idea even without words.

A French door is a door, usually one of two, with panes of glass extending most of its length. Sometimes we need some privacy and those panes of glass prevent us from getting them. So you have to treat these slices somehow. Today I want to share a few ideas on how to do this in style.

In fact, the treatment of French doors is almost the same as common windows: curtains, blinds, and both. Let's look at each of them.


Curtains are the most popular way to keep some privacy and not spoil the interior, as even the most sophisticated decor goes well with them. Choose curtains according to the style and colors of your room. If you're hesitant, try lighter neutrals as these always look airy and freshen up room decorations. Not only can you attach them above the door, but also directly on the doors. When you do this, choose an arch shape so that they let in some light.


Roman or vertical shades are another popular idea. They can be of different colors and patterns. Choose colors that go with your room decor and when you don't need them, just put them together. Bamboo colors add a textured look to room decorations and are often used in conjunction with curtains. This contrasting, stylish look adds a special touch to any room decoration.

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