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thanksgiving floral arrangements

thanksgiving floral arrangements

Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and it’s high time to think about decor and goodies for the party. Most of us prefer floral centerpieces, they are more traditional. How do you make a cool floral centerpiece for this vacation? Here are some tips and ideas.


The best colors are fall colors: orange, burnt orange, red, burgundy, white, and green. You can actually choose all of the colors, but these are the most traditional and they will help you create a suitable ambience around the table. You can also use pastel colors, e.g. B. soft peach and pink tones or white and ivory to achieve a neutral look. Green is welcome – it’s always great for any arrangement and makes it fresher!

Texture and eye catcher

To make your arrangement more interesting, add texture to the bouquet. There are several ways to do this: add texture to the bouquet and the vase you have chosen. You can incorporate some citrus, wheat, succulents, pine cones, and pumpkins. Another idea is to use a transparent vase and place some fall items in it, e.g. B. nuts, pumpkins and autumn vegetables, which can also be placed in the bouquet.

An upholstered bench is a great piece for a modern home: it can be used in bedrooms, entrance areas, bathrooms, and many other spaces - literally anywhere you want. If you don't have one and don't want to buy them, it's high time to check out the handicrafts we've collected - these stylish benches complement different types of decorating styles.

If you are the type of person who obsessively collects fabrics and textiles, you are likely to come across the common mystery of how best to display your treasures on a daily basis. With this simple upholstered bench DIY you can transform your favorite piece of fabric into a functional piece of furniture that is easier and cheaper to make than you might think. The best part? No sewing or carpentry skills are required. If you can use a stapler, you're golden. Plus, these hairpin legs are a hot furniture trend, get inspired!

This bench is the perfect seat for your entrance area and can be adapted for any room. This is a perfect do-it-yourselfer for any home as it not only allows you to work with a wide variety of materials like fabric, metal and wood, it also gives you an equal dose of function and fashion. Comfortable seating is always required in my home. So create a project that allows you to make changes if you want to use a new fabric color depending on the season or mood. Also, keep in mind that this project is completely customizable. So if vintage isn't your style, go for a different look for the legs.

Without IKEA hacks we couldn't go any further, IKEA is love! A stylish and glamorous piece, this IKEA hack is made up of VittsJO nesting tables from IKEA. This metal bench IKEA Hack is the best because it serves as a modern storage unit and comfortable seat. This DIY marble gold coffee table IKEA hack that is very similar to this DIY hack except you add a pillow and fabric to it. This is really easy, and you can complete this project in around 30 minutes.

Do you need a comfortable bench with plenty of storage space? Then this tutorial is for you! This storage solution doubles as a seating area and offers space for all your children's toys or other items. The craft includes IKEA section cabinets and leather handles for a clean and contemporary look.

Here is a project for those who have a farmhouse or who meet rustic meets vintage interiors. This beautiful vintage wooden bench has an open storage space and cool printed cushions. Such a piece is a perfect solution for a shabby chic or vintage room. The tutorial will show you how to make the whole piece of wood. It will take time, but the result is very stylish and cool.

This project really surprised me to show how different things can look after a good refresher. An old and boring country-style bench turns into a chic and modern solution for higher legs - exactly what you need for your entrance area! The seat is covered with printed blue fabric and placed on larger legs. Although there is no additional storage space, it looks cool and is comfortable.

Here is a super stylish entrance bench, which is covered with bright orange fabric and makes a statement in any modern interior, especially in a neutral one. This bench makes a great entrance seat, coffee table, or resting place for the foot of a bed. I love that this is a waterfall bench, which means it is completely covered with a single piece of fabric, adding an edgy touch to the room.

It's time to create something really cozy and rustic, and this is a DIY padded X-bench! I love its original aesthetic with a subtle vintage feel! It was originally intended for a chic, rustic bathroom, but this would also be a wonderful addition to any bedroom or family room. You can make this bench longer or shorter, but if you want to make it taller or wider you will need to adjust the length of the legs and the angle at which they are cut.

This chic bench was originally made as an extra seating for the dining room, but of course you can use it in several different ways. It's quite long so if it's too much you can adjust its size. I like the combination of vintage wooden legs and brightly printed fabric that really shows off. If you love them too, make one yourself!

Here's another gorgeous dining room seating solution - an amazing tufted bench with contrasting legs that adds a sophisticated touch to any pace at which you use it. I love its super soft seat and the tufted look is really timeless. Get inspired!

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