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thanksgiving cornucopia ideas

thanksgiving cornucopia ideas

A cornucopia is a symbol of abundance, which was extremely important to the early settlers, and while it can be said to be old-fashioned, it’s making a big comeback for Thanksgiving decor. Such a piece is an original decoration or even a piece of food. So if you’re interested, let’s see how to style it.


A cornucopia is a perfect base for a centerpiece. Get a wicker and fill it with artificial (or real) pumpkins, gourds, leaves, flowers, fruits, etc. – the style and colors will suit your table setting. Moss, wheat, corn husks, corn, and figs are also good ideas for filling a cornucopia. A cornucopia can be turned into a door wreath with various leaves, fruits, vegetables and other items – it will look very eye-catching!

Edible cornucopia

Edible cornucopia are a cool idea to showcase vegetables at your party. Bake a cornucopia and fill it with all the vegetables, fruits, and maybe cheese, and place some dips and sauces in bowls next to the cornucopia. If you have kids, serve dessert in ice cream cones that mimick cornucopia and fill them with candied fruits, nuts, and candy. Enjoy!

Chalet style is the style of these cozy mountain huts and retreats where we like to stay overnight. It's actually rustic style, but with a slight forest aesthetic. This style is actually super cozy, and if you are designing your cabin or want to add a lot of coziness to your home, the chalet style is ideal. If you want to create a cool chalet dining area, this roundup is for you. You will see nice ideas and some tips.

Materials and colors

First of all, decide whether your chalet dining area should be designed in a modern, minimalist, vintage or perhaps even versatile manner. Depending on this, you can choose a color palette. For the chalet style, this is usually a natural and muted color scheme with lots of natural materials and simple finishes. Of course, you can also choose a light color scheme for a more modern or minimalist space. When it comes to materials, wood is number one in a chalet and stone is number two - you definitely need both, or at least a lot of wood. Don't paint it, use different stains, or whitewash the wood for a cool look. Think of faux fur as carpets and chair covers. This is a very cozy idea and it goes perfectly with the style.

Furniture and decor

A dining table and some chairs or benches are an optimal furniture set for a dining area. You can also add some storage units, opt for a built-in bench or bench with storage space, and add a fireplace for added coziness. Hang an antler chandelier for a better chalet feel or hang lightbulbs to make the space modern. Get more ideas and be inspired!

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