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thanksgiving basket arrangements

thanksgiving basket arrangements

Baskets are cool for rustic decor and are perfect for autumn and winter arrangements, as rustic accents ensure cosiness. Today we’re sharing the coolest Thanksgiving basket arrangements that are great for decorating porches, living rooms, entryways, fireplaces, and many other spaces.

Wicker baskets

Wicker baskets are traditional and look very cute and sweet. Such baskets can be filled with pumpkins, moss, artificial leaves and flowers, berries, artificial or real pumpkins and gourds. You can buy apples, pine cones, or some cute velvet fabric pumpkins for a chic look that will last for a long time. Corn, corn husks, leaves and wheat create a cozy autumn look.

Metal and wooden baskets

Metal baskets are cool because they are partially see-through and you can see what’s inside, so each piece plays a role. Fill them with different squashes and gourds – you can spray them as you like, add pea balls, moss balls, and add LED lights. Wooden baskets can be filled with pumpkins, cotton twigs and you can even place a blanket there for more comfort.

A cornucopia is a symbol of abundance, which was extremely important to the early settlers, and while it can be said to be old-fashioned, it's making a big comeback for Thanksgiving decor. Such a piece is an original decoration or even a piece of food. So if you're interested, let's see how to style it.


A cornucopia is a perfect base for a centerpiece. Get a wicker and fill it with artificial (or real) pumpkins, gourds, leaves, flowers, fruits, etc. - the style and colors will suit your table setting. Moss, wheat, corn husks, corn, and figs are also good ideas for filling a cornucopia. A cornucopia can be turned into a door wreath with various leaves, fruits, vegetables and other items - it will look very eye-catching!

Edible cornucopia

Edible cornucopia are a cool idea to showcase vegetables at your party. Bake a cornucopia and fill it with all the vegetables, fruits, and maybe cheese, and place some dips and sauces in bowls next to the cornucopia. If you have kids, serve dessert in ice cream cones that mimick cornucopia and fill them with candied fruits, nuts, and candy. Enjoy!

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