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Test tube spice rack
chalkboard diys for kitchen

Test tube spice rack chalkboard diys for kitchen

DIY spice racks. I want to do something like this for my kitchen, love it, it looks like potions ingredients for the Harry Potter nerd! chalkboard diys for kitchen

Blackboards are extremely popular in every room: They easily leave traces, stimulate creativity and can fulfill various functions, for example a storage function. Today we're sharing some blackboard DIYs for your kitchen - this is a common space that should come in very handy, and chalkboards will help with that.

Panel walls

If you have a simple kitchen wall why not turn it into a blackboard wall? This is a framed chalkboard that takes up the entire board - a great idea for those who love to create! Leave any pictures and messages you want and invite your kids to have fun cooking.

Do you want to have a wonderful bar at home? We have a brilliant idea for you! Make a backsplash on the chalkboard, add a few shelves of glasses and shakes, and put cabinets or wine coolers under the countertop. How do you do the whole bar? Read the tutorial that will teach you how to make a wall and shelves and peel the whole thing off.

Beautify your breakfast corner with a cool blackboard wall! It can be used for art, for menus, various shelves to store tea, coffee and spices, etc. How can you build such a wall yourself? It's not difficult, read the tutorial to do it!

Table racks

I've never seen such a sweet table tea! Take a chalkboard sheet to make it look how you want it or a pre-made metal chalkboard and put different types of tea in small containers. Attach magnets to each container and chalk the names of the teas. The table tea table looks very chic and makes drinking tea a fantastic experience! Enjoy!

The same idea of ​​creating a rack is used here, but it's not a tea rack, it's a spice rack. The piece consists of a metal plate covered with blackboard paint. Place spices in small containers with lids and add magnets to attach to the rack. Don't forget to put chalk on each container.

Blackboard signs

This cute blackboard sign is a great idea to upgrade your kitchen and add a touch of fun to your space. The piece is stenciled with paint, although you can use chalk and create whatever you like, and don't forget a cute and colorful bunting for fun.

Add functionality and style to your kitchen with this cute magnetic board! It is reminiscent of an ordinary cutting board, but it is magnetic and blackboard at the same time, what a great accessory for a kitchen! The piece is made from a wooden board, metal, and blackboard paint, and you can add some hooks for aprons. Enjoy!

A chalkboard in a frame is always handy for a kitchen: it can be used for a shopping list, menus, messages, and children's art. Read how to make this large framed chalkboard and use it anytime you need it - for all kinds of activities.

Turn a regular clipboard into a convenient whiteboard! Just take the clipboards and paint them - voila, nothing difficult! You can add a frame or something else for a cool look, or just leave it as it is and use it to buy lists, messages and menus whenever you want.

I'm head over heels for this board! Not only is it a comfortable board on a stand, it also features a brightly colored, fruity pattern painted on it. I love that chic vintage look it gives the board - if you're feeling creative this is the project you need. Get inspired and do one!

Table accessories

Turn an ordinary knife block into a cool and bold one with blackboard paint and some chalk! Cover it up, let it dry and leave letters and patterns on it to make it amazing. This is a simple craft that doesn't take much time and will add a personal touch to your kitchen.

Do you always forget what to buy? No problem! If you're making a tote bag for a blackboard, you can buy chalk right on the tote bag to buy lists - it's easy! Buy a proper bag and cover it with blackboard paint - done! Now write down what you need to buy.

These table coasters are not only a super stylish accessory, but also a cool gift for every holiday! They are perfect for a rustic room as they are made from wooden slices. All you have to do is add table hearts to them and voila! Leave any messages you want or make someone happy with these coasters!

If you love sewing, this tutorial is for you. Sew these amazing placemats out of colorful fabric and also add table cloth to write down the names of the guests or those who are seated at the table. Your kids will have a lot of fun chalking something sweet on the placemats.

Make super elegant and chic spice jars with table paint. Take the usual mason jars and add triangles with blackboard paint. Then chalk the names of the spices on the jars. You can change the design according to your needs and wishes.

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