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Tablet Sleeve – FREE Sewing Pattern – Sew Modern Bags
diy tablet sleeves cases covers

Tablet Sleeve – FREE Sewing Pattern – Sew Modern Bags diy tablet sleeves cases covers

Free pattern for tablet cases. For your iPad, tablet, Kindle or more. Can be made in any size. Padded sewing cover for your tablet. #FreeSewingPattern #TabletCover #IPadCasePattern diy tablet sleeves cases covers

Everyone today has a tablet or an iPad, they are very easy to use, I just can't imagine my life without one! If you can't do this either, you may also need some stands and covers for your tablet to keep it secure and convenient to use. Such handicrafts are also suitable for e-readers and Kindle. Today I want to share some cool DIYs to make a cool tablet case or sleeve. There are many materials and techniques, we choose!


This chic brown leather bag looks very chic and stylish, and sugar cane is a nice gift for many people. The scallops make it a lot more interesting and eye-catching than an ordinary smooth one, and it gets a cute and a bit girlish feel to it. Don't make it difficult at all, read the source for how to do it.

This chic iPad case is ideal for everyone as it is rather minimalistic and cool and the creamy color is 100% universal. All you need is creamy leather, elastic and cord to make it easy to use. Read how to get this case done quickly and make someone happy with it or make yourself happy with it!

This bright and colorful tablet case is made of sturdy synthetic leather and is very easy to manufacture: there is no decoration except for a few letters that were glued onto the case with a machine. You can add some decor to your taste or just leave the case without decor. Light leather will make a statement by itself!


This cool felt tray cover can be used as a clutch, phone case, and for holding a few other things. It is made of gray felt and is decorated with tape and beads. The beads feature birds on the tape - they look super cute and fun and will spice up your case a little.

Make a cool gray felt tablet and decorate it with silhouette letters! They attach with an iron or a heat press, and you can choose any letter - write whatever inspires you. You can also leave a message for the person you present the case to.

This bag is made of felt and leather and is universal for men and women - it is absolutely gender-neutral in design. The piece itself is very simple, and you can choose different color combinations if you want - just add a bold strip of leather to make the case more interesting. Read how to pull off all the craft and enjoy!

This felt cover is more of a male object, it is made of gray felt and is decorated with a black triangle. It is secured with a black elastic band that matches the decor. The design is rather minimalist and simple, it fits most cases and you can also use it for a small laptop or Kindle.

I totally love this felt case! It's a felt case with a chalk part - so cool and interactive! You can leave messages, give them away, and even take notes when you've forgotten a notebook but still need some notes. And finally, the case looks very cool and original. Just take a look and do one!

This chic felt tablet is made of black felt and decorated with rivets. In fact, you can go for any decor and letter you like, you can style it for someone you love and write the monograms on it or do hearts and something else. Enjoy!

Felt is available in any craft store in a variety of colors and at reasonable prices. Choose two favorite colors to create this bespoke case that will protect your precious tablet from accidental bangs and scratches. Although the housing has multiple layers, it is easy to manufacture and does not require complicated turning.


If you like colorful designs and bold hues, why not sew a cool and bold patchwork tablet case. Made from bold patch pieces, this cover looks super cute and fun, great for a cute, rustic touch. The sewing will take some time, but I'm sure the result is worth it.

This stylish iPad case can be used as a simple clutch - it looks cool and very chic! The piece is made up of a bubble mailer and a piece of striped fabric and uses 2 buttons to secure the cover. It takes very little to make, as you can simply cover a mailer with striped fabric and fastening buttons. So easy and so cute!

This chic tablet case is made of two types of fabric and sets some colorful accents. The piece has a cover with a button on top to secure it in place. It's a great piece for a girl, the color combination that I find chic and stylish that doesn't make it difficult.

Make a gorgeous floral tablet bag that follows the trend of the Dutch masters. It is made of plain white fabric and scrapbooking attitude paper that can be easily attached to the bag. The piece looks like a real work of art by Dutch masters and is very creative - a nice gift, isn't it?

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