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sunflower kitchen decor ideas

sunflower kitchen decor ideas

It’s high time you brought some sun into your kitchen and there’s nothing quite like sunflower decor! Sunflowers not only create a happy mood, they also add a rustic touch to the room in which you use them – whether it is real flowers or just decorations. Let’s take a look at how to use them in decor.

Sunflower textiles and decorations

You can rock adorable sunflower decorations of your choice – make a pallet sign with fake sunflowers and a sunny quote, create a bold arrangement with fake blooms, pumpkins, grass, and herbs – a piece like this makes a lovely centerpiece for a late summer fall or table setting. Put your arrangements in buckets, baskets and metal bathtubs to give the room a rustic flair. Make a chalkboard sign with sunflowers or hang some styrofoam balls with sunflowers over the window. Sunflower textiles like tea towels, curtains, and gloves can be a beautiful and bold idea.

Sunflower tools and accessories

Add sunflower decals to devices to make them bolder and cuter. Choose sunflower-shaped plates and trays, make shelves with sunflowers, sunflower utensil holders, and soap holders for a fun and bright touch. Try sunflower plate and cup holders – you can take a simple one and decorate it yourself. Don’t be over the top with the flowers, they are bold enough and you don’t need a lot of bold decor with them.

Chalkboards are extremely popular for all types of spaces - they're convenient to use and can inspire creativity and greater communication. They can also be used as pin boards and magnetic boards to make them more functional. We just showed you some kitchen ideas, and today I want to share some home office and workspace ideas that will make your space more practical and fun.

Make a cute and easy crate organizer for various things with blackboard paint. This is a ready-made box of the required size, decorated with fat and blackboard paint. You can crayon anything on it, and your kids will appreciate such a cute organizer too.

This is a super convenient notepad with a chalkboard part. The piece is a wooden board with a notepad and a chalkboard part to chalk something to keep in mind. Attach it to the wall and you get a super stylish minimalist note board that stands out from the usual.

A pack of common metal buckets can be made into a stylish organizer for various things. Take the buckets, cover them with chalkboard paint, hang them on string and voila! It's up to you whether you want to chalk something on it or not. You can just leave them black for a stylish, minimalist look.

Make a cool blackboard pin board - what can be more functional than such a board in a home office? This way, you will get a whiteboard and whiteboard in one, so it will be more convenient to use and such an idea will suit both children and adults.

Make a set of exercise books to write down everything you will need. Make a notebook for to do, buy and many other things that you need, and such notebooks will be appreciated by the children too. This is a great idea for a gift. Make someone happy with this set or make yourself happy!

A blackboard calendar is a brilliant idea and very convenient to use! This piece is not a modern one but a vintage inspired one. The frame is from a large vintage mirror and the calendar is also large. It is a good idea for a home office, children's work area or kitchen, and menus and groceries to buy.

Paperweights are a necessary thing for those who work with lots of papers. Make them great - get some wooden paperweights and turn them into stylish color block and chalkboard weights. Chalk anything you like on the paperweights or leave messages to remind yourself what to do.

Pen and pen holders are a must have for any workspace, and you can easily make some modern ones. Take tin cans and paint them with blackboard paint to give them a chic look and you can crayon anything on the cans to improve your mood. You can also use them as planters for herbs and write their names on the jars.

Add a touch of fun to your desk with this triangle decor. This decor is made with tape or contact paper. All you need is to cut some geometric shapes from it and attach them to the desk wherever you want - mess them up for a cool and messy look. Enjoy!

Here's another blackboard calendar with a cool modern look. The piece is made of wood and is very convenient to use - just wipe off the written words and chalk new ones. Get yourself a chalk ink pen or colored chalk and have fun planning!

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