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summer porch decor ideas

summer porch decor ideas

Summer is here and your porch isn’t ready yet? Don’t worry, take a look at our ideas and tips and I’m sure you’ll find some cool options your porch can steal.

Color schemes

I think your porch style and decor will follow the style of your home and other outdoor spaces, but what colors do you prefer? A summer room is usually expected to be designed in light shades and of course this is the most obvious way to decorate it. Green, red, pink, yellow, purple and fuchsia will ensure that your room will be lively and spirited. Neutral colors are another cool color scheme that is calming and never goes out of style. Plus, you can add pops of color to it. As for dark hues, I would recommend staying away from them or just adding a few elements for more drama.


Choose furniture that fits your space in size and height and of course goes with the style you have chosen and which you like to use: love seats, hanging day beds, chairs, rockers, padded benches, hanging chairs and other items. It can be made of wood, wicker, or even metal for a more modern feel. Outfit the furniture with pillows and blankets to match the color scheme and add some prints. A coffee table or a side table can be a nice piece that fits.


The first thing you need to freshen up the porch with a summery feel is potted plants and flowers. They create a mood here and are also a perfect decoration. Bring some candle lanterns with citronella candles and any decor that suits your style and enjoy your stay here!

Animal heads are popular decorations, they add a rustic, hunter-inspired, or even African touch to the decor (if you take zebras or rhinos). This is of course not pet friendly and animals shouldn't suffer from our love of decor. Paper mache animal head is a nice way out that makes it possible to get cool decorations without killing animals.

The technique is pretty simple and even your kids can do it. Use newspaper and tape to create a basic shape for your head. There are also tutorials that involve creating a wire frame, but it can be a little tricky. Be as picky as you like, but keep in mind that this will be covered with at least 3 layers of paper mache, along with a molding layer if you want to include one so it doesn't have to be perfect. Mix the flour and water together to create your paper mache paste. The mixture should be a bit like thin pancake batter. Experiment to see which consistency you prefer. Dip each strip of newspaper into your bowl of mache mix, run your fingers over the strip to remove the extra mixture, and then apply it. You want each layer to be completely dry before applying the next layer to avoid mold or rot. Decide how you want to decorate your head: paint or cover it with fabric or other means. Now let's look at what heads you can make.

Do you want some magic A unicorn head is exactly what you need! The basic technique is like making a horse's head, but you need to add a horn. It stays as it is with newspapers, but you can decorate it in different ways if you want.

If you want an African feel to your interior, you can make a zebra head. Make a horse's head then just paint it to look like a zebra and that's it!

This is another paper mache deer head, and the hardest part here is making large antlers. Make them out of cardboard, then cover them with paper for a head.

A deer head covered in fabric is a cool and fun idea. After you've covered the head with fabric, choose one type for the head and something different for the antlers to make it fun. Here the head is kept in pastel tones, which are currently so trendy.

This project is really difficult: you have to work with wire. First, make a wire frame out of the head, here it is an antelope. And then cover with paper as usual.

A funny fox head is a cool decoration for a child's room. Well this head doesn't look much like a fox, but it looks fun and your kids will paint the head themselves.

This rhinoceros head is a cool and unusual idea for your home decor. Here it stays white, but you can decorate it to look more realistic.

This project shows how to make a sheep's head with pretty interesting horns. Read the full tutorial to find out how to deal with all of this.

Here is another paper mache zebra head made with a wire frame. Thanks to this, it looks more natural and is painted black and white like real zebras.

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