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summer pompom decor ideas

summer pompom decor ideas

Pom-poms are easy to make and can be used for lots of cool decorations to add value to your space, make it cheerful, cozy and inviting. Make some cool pompoms and decorate your room for summer. Make it fun and cool. Here are some ideas that you should try to make a reality.

Wall decoration

Colorful pompoms are easy to classify in garlands, wreaths and wall hangings, but they are fun. Watermelon, pineapple, lemon pom pom make cool and happy garlands. Such a garland can brighten up your room not only for parties, but also for summer, and a wreath will last a long time.


Beautify your usual bed linen with cheerful and colorful pompoms – just take a neutral bedding set and add these little cuties. Attach oversized pompoms to a blanket, bedspread, tablecloth and your throw pillow and make them super fun and cute! You can even make a throw pillow entirely out of large pompoms. It is also suitable for other seasons.

Other ideas

Attach pompoms and pompoms wherever you want – on baskets, boxes, containers, mouse pads, and even branches to create a cool summer arrangement that doesn’t look normal – get inspired! Some of these ideas are easy to make yourself, and if you are interested just go here.

A garland is the easiest way to decorate your space for any occasion, and things like that are easy to do yourself. Today I want to share some simple and cute garlands for Valentine's Day to come. All of them are so simple that you don't need a tutorial to create them. Let's start.

Paper garlands

Paper is the easiest material to work with: you can cut out various hearts, donuts and other things and make a bold garland out of them. You can fold some hearts or red or pink paper, 3D paper hearts are an easy idea to make, and you can secure them on a thread with a ribbon. There are lots of different ideas to try out in different cute Valentine's Day colors.

Fabric garlands

When you're ready to sew, sew some cute hearts on the fabric you like: colorful flowers, burlap, metallic faux leather, or felt. Make hearts - as many as you want and decorate them with bows and buttons out of the fabric you like. You can also use letters or large colorful pompoms for hearts. To avoid sewing, take some burlap and paint some hearts on it. Then attach it to a thread. Enjoy!

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