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Sugar skull purple roses |  Dark Royal Grunge Glam Puzzle
diy glam jeweled skulls

Sugar skull purple roses | Dark Royal Grunge Glam Puzzle diy glam jeweled skulls

Sugar skull purple roses | Dark Royal Grunge Glam Puzzle diy glam jeweled skulls

Skulls are traditional for Halloween decor, nothing is more timeless than them. We have already shared some tutorials on sugar skulls inspired by the day of the dead, and today I want to show you something else - jeweled skulls for Halloween. Let's get glamorous!

Take your glamorous Halloween decor to the next level with this amazing jeweled skull! Its elegant simplicity adds sparkle and rhinestones to any decor you want. If you do it very easily, you can leave it as it is by painting it black and then using the tutorial to make jewels. Get inspired and give the room a shiny, glamorous feel!

Here's an easy and cool way to make your usual plastic skull special - cover it with jewels! This simple skull has rhinestone eyes and some rhinestone patterns right on the skull which is not typical - you usually see some on the front part rather than the whole piece. Read how to recreate the decoration or create your own patterns and enjoy the result!

This Halloween skull is awesome! It's a black piece that is completely covered in black sequins - ok, not completely, but with pretty patterns. These black sequins easily add sparkle and glitter to your Halloween decor without standing out too much from pearls and colorful rhinestones. Read on to find out how to make a skull like this and make your decor gloomy yet glamorous!

This creepy skull is ultimate glamor! The piece is covered in pearls and white pearls - and there are plenty of them in your mouth too! Such a decor will help make the original creepy skull less scary and more glamorous. Make it pearly and shiny, this is a super glamorous and chic idea, and use it to decorate any food or drink station.

This skull has been completely transformed - it was first made more neutral, and then decorated with red rhinestones and pearls. Red sequins mimic the eyes and matching red beads and rhinestones cover the front part of the skull, such a bold and cool decoration with a touch of glamor!

This little jeweled skull is easy and quick to make - it only takes 10 minutes. So if you forgot to do some decor, here is your lucky idea! The skull here is covered with pearls and they are also used as eyes. However, if you want something bolder, you can use bright pearls or rhinestones for a bold contrast.

This is a super bright and jeweled skull that will definitely add a lot of glamor to your room and is sure to add color. This is a Halloween skull all covered in bright rhinestones, pearls, and all kinds of jewels. They are attached chaotically, with no pattern or anything else - only the entire surface is covered with jewels, and shiny rhinestones imitate teeth. You can mix and match the colors however you like or design the skull in a color that goes with your Halloween decor. Enjoy!

Here is a beautiful Halloween skull, ornate, glittering, and set with jewels. It's black and has beautiful blue glitter patterns and some jewels - it loves the combination of colors and the blue glitter that make up the patterns - it's pure art! You can also decorate the skull in any other color - pink, red, silver or any other shade. Get inspired and create your own Halloween art!

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