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Sugar Skull Design by AvengedGinge on DeviantArt
halloween sugar skull crafts

Sugar Skull Design by AvengedGinge on DeviantArt halloween sugar skull crafts

Sugar Skull Design by AvengedGinge.devi … on @DeviantArt halloween sugar skull crafts

It's only a week to Halloween, but you still have time to do something cool for your party. Sugar skulls are traditional decorations for the Mexican Day of the Dead and are also becoming increasingly popular as Halloween decorations. They're colorful and bold, but a bit scary, although you can avoid scary looks and keep them more glamorous. Here are some sugar skull decorations tutorials that you can rock this Halloween. Let's make something!

Wreaths and garlands

This super bold and eye-catching Halloween wreath is made from grapevines, fake flowers, and a sugar skull. The flowers are very bright and the skull is painted in light colors too, the wreath and ribbon are in neutral colors to create a contrast. Such a wreath will be a great piece for Halloween, both indoors and outdoors, and it looks really great if you only make a few dollars.

Fun Halloween crafts like this sugar skull corn husk wreath make it easy to decorate for the holiday. It's simple and perfect Halloween decor. The point is that it is very contrasty: neutral and rustic corn husks contrast the bold table skull in the center, which makes the piece more interesting. Find out how to make one for your front door in the source!

This candy colored DIY sugar skull garland is super cute for the Halloween season and beyond! If creepy-scary skulls aren't your thing, this is a colorful alternative to your decoration. This tutorial is great for kids and beginners as it is basically all about painting and gluing. Decorate your windows or other parts of your house with these cute, glamorous skulls!

Works of art

If you love decorating for Halloween and Dia de los Muertos and need an idea, check out this canvas with neon sugar skulls. It's easy to do with a stencil and Americana neon lights. The neon colors really pop off the canvas and look like they're glowing. This canvas is perfect for displaying on a mantelpiece, shelf or wall.

Buy a common plastic skull and turn it into a beautiful piece of art! This project is actually super easy and fun as it allows you to fully express yourself and just need a little paint, some fabric, and fabric stiffening. You could use plastic or silk flowers too, but it's pretty cool to make yourself! The final look is bold, scary, and full of contrast: who could think it was a normal $ 1 skull?

This tutorial will show you how to turn a regular pumpkin into a bright Halloween decoration. The author explains how to paint a sugar skull with bright colors on a pumpkin and how to make the black pumpkins too, so you can create a stylish arrangement anywhere. Get inspired and read the tutorial!

Make your Halloween decor more colorful with this tutorial! Sugar skulls are creepy but also very artistic and beautiful, and you can create a fancy piece of art to display them for your Halloween party. Just find a photo of a sugar skull and use different brightly colored pens and paints to make it bright. Invite your children to help. Then just hang or frame your artwork and place it on a table or mantelpiece - and voila, your art is ready!

These puffy sugar skull rocks are a great project for all ages to study and celebrate the Day of the Dead or Halloween. However, there is a secret weapon when it comes to making them. Not all puffy colors are created equal. Read the tutorial to find out the secret and make some cool bricks to decorate your home or let your kids and grandchildren play with them.

Nothing beats a funky plate to make your dining table look amazing, don't you think ?! These sugar skull plates are super easy to make and you can eat them or display them as art. Since all of the paint and decoupage is on the back, they are completely food safe. Read on to find out how to make them and make your Halloween dinner special!


Make these clay pots inspired by sugar skulls or calavera! They look very bold and festive due to catchy patterns and light shades. Just have a look! You need simple, simple pots and a touch of imagination. Use the tutorial to find out how to paint these. You can also use these planters for storage and keep candles, crayons and other things you want there. Get inspired!

Sugar skulls are a popular motif for the Day of the Dead, and decorating other items that look like sugar skulls has also become very popular. If you love the vacation and its aesthetics, it's time to make these DIY Day of the Dead sugar skull planters. Check out how easy they were to make and see if you can make them yourself. They are a great craft to do with kids or alone.

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