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stone fireplaces

stone fireplaces

Stone is a great material to bring into your home: it’s all natural, looks spectacular, and adds texture and, therefore, interest to your space. How can you incorporate it into your home decor? Create an accent stone wall, choose stone floors or a stone fireplace. I want to share some ideas on the latter as this is the easiest option and can fit many rooms.

A stone fireplace or fireplace doesn’t always mean it should be stone: for example, it can be made of concrete and clad in stone for a catchy look. You can mix and match stone and brick inside, or marble, or even go for river rock and stone to create your own unique look. A stone fireplace can be rocked in many rooms, from a living room to a screened porch, and it can also divide the rooms, such as a living room and kitchen. It also offers many styles of decoration, from the farmhouse to the modern, and it fits perfectly.

How do I decorate a stone fireplace? First of all, you can whitewash it or paint it white – if that’s what you want and need. You can opt for a mantelpiece or no mantelpiece – it depends on the look you want. Decorate the mantelpiece with various figurines, potted plants, works of art and candles. If the fireplace doesn’t work, you can also put some candles or at least some firewood in it. Firewood niches in the fireplace and baskets with them are very welcome to create a cozy and inviting feeling in the room.

If you have a simple neutral or monochromatic kitchen, if you want to liven it up a little and add a touch of color and pattern, you can just do it with a colorful and bold backsplash. Do you need some ideas to watch? Here you are!

Colorful tile backsplashes

You can rock colorful tile backsplashes - it can be a bold one-color backsplash with no prints or patterns. It can be any bold hue you like - turquoise, red, pink, emerald, sun yellow, purple, blue, or any other. Such a backsplash could be a contrasting or monochrome or neutral kitchen, or it could complement a colorful kitchen you already have. Another idea for rocking is to try a bold and colorful backsplash in various bold colors and with different prints. Such backsplashes are usually made in very neutral or dark and moody kitchens to enhance them.

As for styles, a colorful backsplash can round off any kitchen, from the farmhouse to the modern one. If you're minimalist, just skip multi-colored backsplashes and stick with a single color that fits or contrasts.

Other colorful backsplashes

If you don't want to install a tile backsplash or it's too difficult to do, choose glass or wallpaper. Smooth colorful glass back walls look very modern and very bold and can round off a minimalist, modern or modern kitchen. Wallpaper backsplashes require a lot of color and pattern, but are usually not very durable. There is a cool solution - cover your background with some glass. Let yourself be inspired and bring your kitchen to life!

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