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st patricks day front door decor

st patricks day front door decor

St Patrick’s Day is next month. Whether you are Irish, of Irish origin or just love this vacation, you can decorate your home for this, especially if you are planning a party. Today’s round-up will help you choose a cool decor for your front door. Not only are these common wreaths, but much cooler ideas too.

St Patrick’s Day Wreaths

We start with wreaths: they can be made from any material you have on hand! Burlap, yarn, balls of yarn, fresh or fake greens and flowers, pom-poms, clothespins, and a lot more – you can literally use anything you want. If you are into crochet, crochet a whole wreath with a bunting, gold coins, and a pot of gold. There are tons of ideas for you to try, choose what you like best, and tinker!

Other decorating ideas

Decorating the front door is not always about wreaths, but about a coat hanger with a different look. A shamrock made of fabric or fresh boxwood, a moss-high hat with a shamrock, a linen sack with gold – and attach a few coins to the door as if they were falling. You can even add a horseshoe with green ribbon to keep your door and home happy!

This pretty and simple candle holder can make a statement when you use some bold candles. Prepare colorful candles, a drill, an oak board, a piece of spade and fine sandpaper. Actually, this project is as simple as drilling holes in a piece of wood, but to get a little technique, you'll need a 3/4 inch spade bit (or one just big enough for your candles) and a thick one Piece of wood. Drill holes all the way across the wood in a staggered motion, making sure they are far enough apart so that the candles don't touch. When you have drilled all of the holes you need, smooth the edges of the holes with a super fine sandpaper to get a finished look before putting the candles in. Continue reading the tutorial in the source.

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