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spooky halloween food ideas

spooky halloween food ideas

Halloween is only a month away and it’s high time to think about organizing a fantastic party. Whichever theme you choose, there are two key things that should be present at the party: decor and food. There is no party without delicious treats and cool drinks, and you should choose and cook with the guests in mind and whether it is a kid’s or an adult’s party. Today I’m going to inspire you with amazing food ideas for both kids at parties – most of them can be found on Pinterest with recipes, and some of them can be easily made without a recipe.

Halloween adult party food

When planning a stunning adult Halloween party, go for the theme: will it be a bloody theme? Dexter? Vampire, zombies or something else? Choose the food and drinks according to your theme to make the party more stylish. If it’s a fancy party, create dark romance displays with vegetables, cheese, salami, and figs. If you’re craving some blood, make bloody cookies, bloody brains, cupcakes, and cheesecakes – red-tinted sauce is just the thing for creating such effects. Different parts of the human body are a creepy idea to recreate. You can make creepy finger hot dogs, various displays with skeletons and skulls and put meat and sausage there so that your display is reminiscent of human body parts.

Halloween kids party food

Halloween children’s parties should be treated with more attention, as children should be eating healthy, organic food and it shouldn’t be scary at the same time. You can make some spider cupcakes, ghost cookies, monster truffles, fiendish eggs, and so on. To make your food healthy without even thinking about it, you can make some cool vegetable trays and displays that are reminiscent of zombies or ghosts and put different types of dip around. Turn fruits into scary or fun fruits by adding chocolate eyes and other details – that way your kids will be delighted to eat them! You can find more ideas in our inspiring gallery!

We keep sharing bold ideas for decorating pumpkins for fall and Halloween, and today's roundup is devoted to geometric. Geometry is a timeless idea and fits easily into any home decor, from boho to minimalist. Check out the tutorials to choose from!

Sometimes you just don't want to carve a pumpkin. You don't want your hands gushing in the pumpkin intestines, and you don't want to almost cut your fingers apart with those little pumpkin carving knives that don't do anything anyway. So this DIY is for all the loved ones out there who don't want to carve fancy, golden, geometric pumpkins without carving. A gold pen will work just fine!

Here's another geometric Halloween pumpkin - no more carving! These are black pumpkins decorated with orange and yellow glitter and some tape that you can use to create a geometric design on them. The glitter geometry makes your pumpkins brighter and cooler, they sparkle and bring a glamorous feeling.

If you don't feel like painting your pumpkins, there is a faster, easier way to decorate them - vinyl stickers. Vinyl sticks so smoothly to the fake pumpkin that it looks like an intricate paint treatment. The vinyl makes it super easy to reposition your shapes as needed so your pumpkin looks just right! Put some geometric vinyl stickers on your pumpkins and enjoy the design.

These modern geometric glitter pumpkins are as easy as peel and stick! For this project, you will need pre-cut foam glitter stickers that you will glue onto a blue-green foam pumpkin. Create different designs and looks and try different colors - you can create these in 15 minutes and invite your kids for fun.

This stylish and colorful pumpkin is made from brightly colored handkerchiefs and the technique is decoupage. Recreate this geometric design or opt for your own by uncoupling brightly colored handkerchiefs on the pumpkin - so simple and modern that this pumpkin will definitely add bolder and cheer to your room.

If you love simple, modern and laconic designs, you will love this idea! These are bright, modern pumpkins decorated with simple triangles made of white craft paint. You can also paint the pumpkins white in half to combine them with triangular pumpkins. You can use any combination of colors to create a bright and bold look.

This is a carving gourd craft: take fake gourds and cut out chevron patterns using ready-made stencils. Once carved, paint the pumpkins in whatever colors you want and insert some candles to create chic, modern jack-o-lanterns. Such lanterns will serve you for a long time and will easily fit into any decor and interior.

Create this chic and elegant pumpkin with a bold chevron pattern in the fall colors of rust, brown, orange, yellow. Create the pattern with a chevron pattern and some colors and glitters for a real fall feel. You can use these pumpkins for fall and Thanksgiving decor - they're a great idea for most decorating styles.

Here's not just a pumpkin, but a whole geometric pumpkin arrangement in different colors with triangular patterns - all different, all cool, and all bold! The idea is simple: just spray paint or paint the pumpkins and add triangle patterns to them with washi tape - glue the pumpkins on and paint the spaces in between. This is absolutely not difficult, and you can create as many as you want for Fall and Thanksgiving.

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