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So you want to sew some fur from moonymonster on DeviantArt

 diy faux fur home textile projects

So you want to sew some fur from moonymonster on DeviantArt diy faux fur home textile projects

ENJOY MY LOVELY CHIPPED NAIL POLISH. Blame the sewing machines. They always ruin my nails. Anyway, that’s how the furriers do it. Now you can be professionals ~! Side note: In this tutorial, I’m stitc … diy faux fur home textile projects

Fall is coming and winter is not that far, so it's time to think about how to make your home cozy for the cold seasons. Faux fur, crocheted, and knitted decor are some of the most popular ideas to prepare for falls and winter, and we've already shared some DIYs for faux fur furniture. Today I want to continue the topic with a new roundup that looks at faux fur throws, pillow cases, and rugs to make the space comfortable without spending a lot of money.


A faux fur rug is a simple element to make literally any room cozy and also enchant it as its texture is luxurious. Make your own faux fur rug - this faux sheepskin rug requires no sewing at all - just some fabric and good scissors. Buy faux fur and make an accent piece for your room by reading the directions in the source. It can also be placed over a regular rug to make a statement and your kids playing on the floor will love it.

Here's another faux fur rug idea. This tutorial is a little more difficult than the previous one, but it's definitely worth it! The piece is a gray structured faux fur carpet with an underlay made of normal fabric. It has to be glued and sewn and takes some time, but just look at the result - isn't it cool? Bring cosiness to your room with this cool faux fur rug.

Would you like a rustic fur rug that will add a natural element to your living space? Would you like to keep it vegan with fabric instead of real fur, but still get a strikingly realistic look? Then take a few hours to get the materials provided in the tutorial and get to work! Do it and enjoy this rustic faux fur rug that you can add to any room in your home that is completely eco-friendly!

This rug was specially made for a child's room and has a back that prevents it from slipping and falling. The carpet pad holds it really well and protects your kids. Do it quickly without sewing - just glue it and use a non-slip interior rug as a base. Dye the rug any color that goes with your home decor and voila!

This isn't just a faux fur rug, it's an IKEA hack! Take a standard TEJN imitation sheepskin mini rug in IKEA and spruce it up to add charm to the room and make it cozier and more welcoming. Since this Ikea rug is made of a synthetic material, you cannot use a standard dye. However, in the tutorial, we will tell you how to dye the carpet any color. Enjoy your bold vegan rug!

Glamorous and cozy with a faux fur rug like this one. This piece is easy to make and there are detailed instructions on how to make and attach the base. Let yourself be inspired and made comfortable.


Frankly, this is my favorite tutorial in the roundup: it's so bright and colorful that I can't take my eyes off it. This beautiful rainbow colored faux fur blanket is a fantastic accessory for a modern and bold home and brings a lot of color to any room - a great reminder of the colorful summer. If you have such colorful faux fur, you shouldn't use a less light-colored underlay - here it's pink. Read on to learn how to attach it to the fur and enjoy your bold blanket!

This faux fur toss takes less than 30 minutes. The parts are sewn on the edges and leave an opening. It is then turned right side out and the opening is sewn shut by hand. Check out all of the calming fall colors, it's light brown here, but you can rock any fall color you like. Let yourself be inspired to make your furniture cozy with such a cool throw.

This is the coziest, fluffiest, warmest, thickest, most comfortable, snuggly blanket ever! Not only is it a good idea for fall or winter, it's also a great choice for a gift - both for her and for him. Read the tutorial on how to do it and enjoy the quick tinkering with a sewing machine!

What I love about this beautiful faux fur blanket is the combination of creamy faux fur and plaid fabric - plaid is not only the hottest trend of the year, but also a timeless idea for autumn and winter. Cuddle up in style with this double-sided blanket and enjoy the cold season too.

Here's another chic faux fur toss that will spice up your space and give you coziness this fall / winter. The piece has a chic combination of faux fur and a matching silky back, which is very comfortable for the skin. Match your back to the faux fur for a chic look. Enjoy!


There is nothing easier and cooler than sewing a faux fur pillow to upgrade your space and add a cozy touch to your living room. This faux fur cushion cover is pink and has long fringes. It looks very modern and glamorous. To make the tinkering easier, the author presents a detailed video tutorial. Watch it and make as many pillow cases as you want. Enjoy!

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