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snowflake decorations

snowflake decorations

Snowflakes are an indispensable part of winter and holiday decorations – even if you don’t have one outside, I’m sure you have some decorations. Today I want to inspire you with cool and creative snowflake decorations that will create a fantastic holiday ambience around you.

Outdoor decorations

Go to a dollar store, shop for cheap snowflakes, and make a wreath of crystals. A crocheted snowflake can also be easily made by yourself. If you have recycled wood you can use it to make simple rustic snowflakes and use them for outdoor decorating. Make some frosty characters with painted or cut out snowflakes. You can shape a wreath out of snow-covered pine cones and hang it on your front door.

Interior decoration

Make cool crystal and pearl snowflake ornaments or create 3D paper snowflakes to decorate stairs, railings and walls anywhere you want. Cut out wooden snowflakes and make garlands out of them, or make a giant wooden snowflake that can also be used for storage. Paper snowflakes can be used to decorate branches and make a paper table runner. Make a cool snowflake marquee to fill your space with joy and light. Your kids can make popsicle snowflakes and you will hang them wherever you want. Let yourself be inspired and create an atmosphere!

A wall-mounted TV is a great thing that lets you watch your favorite shows and movies on a widescreen. But how can you hang it so that it looks harmonious and does not interfere with the interior? Here are some ideas that you will find useful.

Panel or accent wall

Accentuate your TV with a cool panel, shelf or a real accent wall! Cover your wall with artificial stone or real stone, with barn wood, apply different colors or different wallpapers to make it stand out. Such an idea works perfectly if you have a fireplace and a TV on that wall. That way they look even clearer. You can also try different panels for your TV, e.g. B. a weathered wooden panel or a whitewashed wooden panel. Such panels may also have some shelves or other storage space for convenience of use.

Hidden options

If you are sure that a TV will spoil your interior or just like capricious options, then hide your TV. Cover it with artwork, your favorite photos, tapestry, or make a cool screen. You can also try weathered wooden boards, rolling or sliding. Make a mirrored wall cabinet or simply hide the TV in the wall for a perfect, sleek look. This way, your TV will be hidden when it is not needed and even the most refined interior will not be spoiled.

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