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small kitchen storage ideas

small kitchen storage ideas

Many of us suffer from small kitchens because it seems impossible to fit everything we need here. But the mission is possible! There are some cool ideas for storage in the kitchen that can fit in the smallest of spaces and create extra space for you.


Your usual cabinets offer plenty of options for additional storage space. First, take a look in your closets: if the shelves are tall enough, you can add extra wire shelves and store dishes and cups. Use the bottom of the cabinets to secure mason jars with dry food or to make shallow drawers for storing frying pans. Another idea is to add some rails and hanging wire baskets to put whatever you want inside. Make super narrow pull-out drawers and cabinets for storing food and dishes. Put retractable cutting boards in your cabinets to save space. You can also put the less-used items on your closets.

Ideas hanging and wall-mounted

Use walls to save space! Put up wall-mounted shelves for all kinds of things you have: cookbooks, dishes, pans, groceries, and so on. Attach magnetic strips for knives to the walls and save space on the countertop. To create more space, hang breadboard and rails and attach hooks and rails to them. This way you can accommodate even more material. Wall storage might also be a good idea.

Other ideas

Put shelves on your countertops and you get double the space.

Spiderman is a famous superhero who is loved by both adults and children. Marvel comics and films inspire people all over the world, and you can add such touch to your home. Spiderman is suitable for both children and adults. There are many ways to incorporate Spiderman accents into your interior. Let's look at them.

Wall decoration

If you want to make a bold superhero statement, rock a Spiderman wall art or wall decal. Choose removable wall decals. When you're tired of this decor, just remove it. It's also wise to rent - remove the decals when you leave. If you want to accentuate an adult room, opt for wall art, you can even design one yourself - this will add color and spirit to the room. An oversized mural is another hot idea to rock out. It will inspire you every day.


Rock Spiderman printed sheets and pillow cases for your living room. It will be suitable for both kids' rooms and adults and will feel like a superhero from the moment you wake up!


You can also find some Spiderman furniture here: chairs, cabinets, drawers, and even cribs. The latter are a real joy for little fans. If you want something special, make some decoupage Spiderman furniture yourself - rock comics for a cool pop art look.

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