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small imex
outdoor bedroom ideas

small imex outdoor bedroom ideas

43+ Small and Cute Bedroom Designs and Ideas for This Year – Page 24 of 43 – Magical Bedrooms # small bedroom # small bedroom bed outdoor bedroom ideas

The outdoor season is in full swing and we try to spend as much time here as possible reading, eating, speaking, partying, etc. But what you may forget is that there is no better sleep than outdoors, especially if it is your own garden - fresh air and comfort guaranteed! If you are unsure of where to organize a space like this, we are here to help!

Separate house

Having the option of having a separate outdoor house for your bedroom has many advantages. First of all, you will be protected from excessive sunlight and rain if necessary - the latter makes a nice sound on the roof of your house. Second, you will be protected from insects and other animals if necessary - just close the windows. It could be a former greenhouse turned into a bedroom, a woodshed you set up to sleep in, a small garden shed, or even a real designer prefabricated house. Place it to maximize the views.

Other ideas

Unless you have a lot of insects and rain is not expected, a whole house is not necessary. Make a canopy or tent over the bed to protect yourself from excessive light and take a cool nap! Remember, some citronella candles can help you with insects. You can also opt for a beautiful piece of furniture from a designer - there are unique beds with canopies and other built-in things.

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