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shabby chic terrace patio

shabby chic terrace patio

Summer is the time to enjoy the fresh air outside. We all strive for sunlight, breezes, and other joys this season. I bet you’ve already decorated your patio, porch, patio or any other outdoor space, but if not or if you want to change the decor a bit, we are here to bring you the cutest, most relaxed style of decor – shabby chic!

Decorating a shabby chic patio or patio isn’t that difficult and doesn’t cost a pretty penny. So if you go for this style you will save some money and renovate a lot of old things that you wanted to throw away.

Colors and materials for Shabby Chic Terrace Décor

The shabby chic style is mostly about wood and metal. All should be aged, distressed, weathered, or otherwise worn out. Make a weathered wooden deck, paint the walls with whitewash, and add delicate forged furniture. The colors are the softest and most relaxed: white, cream. Buttermilk, light gray, dusty blue and pink, all other kinds of pastels and neutrals, I’m sure you will find inspiration!

Furniture for a shabby chic terrace

Depending on the size of the terrace, choose the furniture you like and need: benches, chairs, sofas, tables, stools and other things. Give them a shabby look that will torment them, age, weather or otherwise. You can opt for chair covers – choose vintage floral fabric or just white with ruffles. There are plenty of home improvement on the internet so you don’t have to spend a lot of money. Combine your furniture, for example an antique forged bench with a whitewashed wooden table, which creates an effect.

Accessories and decorations for a shabby chic terrace

Accessories make up a shabby chic style, so don’t be afraid to rock them all – you just can’t use too many! The accessories can add some details of other styles, for example, rustic style – choose baskets, jugs instead of vases, antlers and buckets as planters. If you want something a little more sophisticated, try French chic and go for a crystal chandelier, lace and floral covers, a canopy over the bench, and maybe an antique fountain. It may not work, but it is enough for decoration. Think flowers – you can grow them in pots, and flowers are an essential part of the shabby decor.

A kitchen backsplash should be durable, easy to maintain and, of course, stylish: it should match or contrast with the decor style and color scheme. One of the most popular ideas in modern home decor is geometry, which can be found everywhere today, from textiles to staircase designs. Kitchens are also keeping up - geometric kitchen splashbacks are a hot trend. Today's summary is dedicated to them. Let's look at the coolest options.

Hexagonal tiles

Hexagons are perhaps the most popular geo figures of all time, they look great and go well with many decorating styles, including the most glamorous. Rock Hex tiles in the colors to match or contrast with your kitchen decor: it can be a neutral kitchen with a bold backsplash or a colorful kitchen with a neutral background.

Herringbone pattern

Herringbone is another popular geopattern, and you can actually take any of the usual tiles and dress them up that way. We strongly recommend using contrasting grout when using non-contrasting tiles to highlight the backsplash as much as possible.

Other tiles

Other tiles can include cubic, triangle, and many other options to suit your space. Try bold colors or choose tiles in different hues, e.g. B. Gray to create a chic, modern kitchen. Highlight your backsplash and give your kitchen a chic feel!

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