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shabby chic living room

shabby chic living room

The shabby chic style was invented in 1980 by Rachel Ashwell who decided to renovate and restore some old pieces and then understood that they are very charming. Furniture and furnishings are either selected based on their age or new items have a vintage look. Now this style is becoming more and more popular in decor, and this is not surprising because it is very chic and cool, especially cool for female spaces. Today I’m going to share some charming shabby chic living rooms that will blow your mind at first sight.

Shabby chic living room colors and materials to use

Restoring a shabby chic look to your home doesn’t have to be complicated and costly. The style goes much better with found pieces, vintage furniture, and antique-inspired accessories. Opt for pastel colors, white, buttermilk, beige, as well as dusty and light shades in the decor. Add vintage floral patterns to give your living room an eye-catching look. Feminine flowers, lace fabrics, and some ruffled burlap add a cool, shabby look to your living room. Decide on a furniture cover.

Shabby chic furniture for living room

Shabby chic furniture can be bought cheaply at flea markets without wasting a lot of money. Another idea is to find or buy simple furniture and then torment them as you see fit: give it a whitewashed and worn look or paint it with pastel colors. Furniture covers made of ruffles and lace are a characteristic feature of the shabby chic style. So, sew some or buy ready-made furniture to go with your decor.

Shabby chic style accessories

This style is all about accessories and decorations. You just can’t use too many of them here. Go to the flea market or your grandmother’s attic to find some cool old things: statuettes, pictures, angels, various signs and clocks. If they don’t look shabby chic, change the look with whitewash, table pastels, and then sand them up. Shabby-chic picture frames, angel statuettes, heart-shaped cloth bags, whitewashed vintage clocks and the like will help you create the mood you want. Get inspired!

Pumpkins are a symbol of fall, and rocking them in your home decor and menu will give you an fall feeling right away. Today I'm sharing some cool ideas for making pumpkin centerpieces: Pumpkins can be used in displays or as vases, they can be artificial or natural - there are tons of ideas to try. Design your table landscape for autumn or Thanksgiving with these ideas! Let us begin!

Pumpkin vases with arrangements

The first centerpiece is a cool neutral idea for any fall party, including rustic fall weddings. You need a paper gourd to act as a vase, and then various artificial foliage, twigs, moss, and real or artificial flowers. Follow the directions to make the same centerpiece with cascading touches, or try your own arrangements that you like.

Add a creative twist to your fall decor with this DIY pumpkin centerpiece. This pumpkin centerpiece consists of pretty wooden flowers and a white handicraft pumpkin and can be made in a maximum of 30 minutes. It's a perfect way to add a touch of fall personality to your table, mantelpiece, and more! In addition, the bold colors will make it stand out and it will attract an eye.

A unique centerpiece vase is easier to make than you might think, and this one looks so good for Thanksgiving or any other fall season. The fall wildflowers in season have just so many beautiful fall colors that really stand out when highlighted in an autumn pumpkin shape. Such a piece is a classic for any rustic table landscape, let yourself be inspired!

Grab a real or fake pumpkin and make a cool fall or Thanksgiving centerpiece by using it as a vase. The author preferred a fake, carvable pumpkin from the craft store because it is more durable and always on hand. The arrangement consists of real flowers and lots of green, and you will be given detailed instructions on how to make it. Get inspired!

This super cute centerpiece is modern, harvest-inspired, and all natural. The decoration consists of a real pumpkin that has been carved, cleaned and filled with floral foam. To create an arrangement, the author used kale, tiny ivory tea roses, eucalyptus, and juniper, although you may add a few other details to it too.

If you are looking for a rustic and modern centerpiece that can be made in minutes, you've come to the right place! These are small pumpkins that you drill holes in with skewers and then insert garden roses into them. Very easy, very quick and doesn't look like any other - make your own arrangement with as many pumpkins as you want!

These are not vases, these are planters! The planters are made of artificial white pumpkins decorated with metallic polka dots. Plant your cute succulents in it and put an array of such planters on the table. In fact, you can plant something else too, such as cacti or flowers. Enjoy!

Other ideas

This is a cool and modern fall centerpiece is a cool idea that can be quickly realized for your party. It includes a fancy bowl of pumpkins decorated with LEDs, and dried flowers and twigs. The dried flower arrangement will be placed on the table as a runner, but you can put it in a vase for a chic look.

Take real or artificial pumpkins to use as decorations. Spruce them up with fresh flowers and eucalyptus, just drill holes in the pumpkins and put in the flowers and green stems. If the pumpkins are real, the flowers and greens will be fresh longer.

Do you want a durable and very central element that can be used as a chic fall decor? Here is a proper tutorial! The centerpiece is made of fake pumpkins, it's gilded and cut out - the cutout is shaped like a maple leaf to hug the case. Now simply insert tea lights and you will get a cozy modern centerpiece or decoration for your home.

This creative centerpiece includes decoupage pumpkins and thumbnails. The nails can feature a monogram or something else you like, for example a fall leaf. The decoupage are flowers, although you can try something different. Create the arrangements you like with different pumpkins and make the autumn table landscape bolder!

Add color to your fall table with this creative and bold centerpiece! The item consists of an orange pumpkin that is dotted with green mothers that form a pattern. It's a big heart and dots here, but you can try some other ideas as well. Take an orange pumpkin to make the color contrast lighter.

This modern rustic centerpiece is a cool arrangement with a chic feel, it's very textured and its shapes are creative. The centerpiece are moss, twigs, pumpkins and twig balls. The tutorial will teach you how to properly arrange them to make them look cool. Add candles in tall candle holders to make the table landscape cozier.

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